Today in ‘Original Sin’: Sahika poisoned everyone

In today’s episode of ‘Original Sin’, the woman says goodbye to Yildiz, Ender, Halit and Aysel by poisoning them…

Sahika is enjoying the situation, she is sure that she is sticking to the plan… however, her partner no longer trusts her… ordering her to leave town, it is her time. But Kaya’s sister will not leave without taking revenge first.

This also includes Leela’s marriage. Yigit is unwilling to sign the agreement in which Halit proposes to cancel the marriage, claiming that he loves the girl… Kaya supports him, which leads to a new relationship between him and Halit. Opens a gap.

Considered a “cult classic” in its country of origin Turkey and where it has also attracted audiences, ‘Original Sin’ has over 200 million viewers worldwide, reaching over 70 countries.

It stars Sevval Sam (Ander), Sevda Erginci (Zenep), Ada Ece (Yildiz), Talat Bulut (Halit) and Onur Tuna (Alihan).

A story of ambition, luxury, power and love of three leading women who are very different from each other and have contrasting ways. All three have the same goal: to fight to get what they want.

Preview of the next chapters of ‘Original Sin’

Also, in the next chapter of ‘Original Sin’:

When the situation gets out of hand, traders get angry…they have to go to court.

In the company, Halit has no choice,… Sahika continues to manage it as she has the only solution at hand: a foreign investor who demands Haveli and Ender’s shares as collateral…

Of course, Ander absolutely refuses to give up control of his share of the company to Halit, so the businessman sends some thugs to his house to force him to sign over.

Hilmi is becoming more dangerous. Luckily, Emir, Yildiz and Caner have come up with a plan to free Leyla from her husband.

Halit pressures Leila to force Yigit to sign an agreement to annul their marriage, but the boy breaks into the house and assures her that he is in love.

Leyla follows Yildiz’s instructions and manages to leave the house where Hilmi is holding her. The girl will hide in the Argun mansion.

Ander signs the papers, afraid of the possibility that they will do something to Canner… but she swears revenge, she will repay Halit and it won’t be too late.

Halit signs the deal with the investor that Sahika has proposed… leaving his entire fortune in her hands.

Hilmi arrives at Kaya’s house armed with weapons, ready to find Leyla. The two struggle when Yigit intervenes and a gun goes off.

At the Argun mansion, Halit faints during dinner. Yildiz became frightened, but after some time she also fainted. Same with Ender, at his house.

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