Today on DTT: Ridley Scott leaves Matt Damon far away from Earth

If you need a refresher before season 4 of For All Mankind comes into your life, Ridley Scott will help.

Space exploration is a fascinating genre in films, series and video games. You may be burning out your Xbox or PC Starfield These days or are you waiting for the fourth season for all humanity Which, actually, has a lot to do with Movies Which has brought us here today.

Back in 2015, when Twitter was called Twitter and Ridley Scott hadn’t yet jumped into the pool with its sequel the GladiatorBritish director released Mars planet (The Martian), an excellent science fiction film that enthralled everyone.

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At the top of the cast we find Matt Damon Like an astronaut stranded millions of kilometers from Earth with no clear way to contact home. He was accompanied by stars like Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan or Axel Henie,

Drew Goddard was in charge of adapting the film script from the novel by andy weir, Mars was a visual and artistic spectacle, having to be content with a surprising seven Oscar nominations, as it did not win any.

good science fiction on dtt

The film tells the story of Mark Watney, a member of a manned mission to Mars, who is left for dead after a tremendous storm. The remaining crew returns to Earth, leaving him stranded on the Red Planet.

His ingenuity and survival instincts, along with his meager supplies, come in handy in finding a way to get a message to Earth so they can come back for him.

For every science fiction lover, Mars planet This is one of those movies that comes back again and again and is enjoyed every time it is watched. you have it today From 10:35 pm in FDFIf you have to let the console cool down from running it that much. Starfield,

If the schedule seems off to you, especially because it ends around 1:25 a.m., remember that you also have it available on Disney+. And, if you don’t know enough, for all humanity Takes you to the Moon and Mars in the three seasons available apple tv+The fourth one is about to land.

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