Today’s Bonus | Check the Winning Numbers for Saturday, June 29, 2024 Draw

After the drawing on Friday BonolotoThis Saturday, June 29, 2024, there will be a new draw of this game, organized by State Lotteries and Bettingat 21:30 from the lottery and betting hall.

Winning pieces Bonoloto on Saturday, June 29, the following: Waiting for confirmation. In today’s lottery, the additional number corresponds to Waiting for confirmation and refund Waiting for confirmation.

When is the Bonoloto lottery held?

The Bonoloto game, like the La Primitiva lottery, is organized by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. This drawing is held Every day at the State Lottery and Betting Living Room.

How to play the Bonoloto lottery?

The Bonoloto draw can be considered similar but smaller version of the lottery Primitiveas the prizes given out are smaller, although the cost of participation is cheaper. The price of a simple bet is 0.50 euros and allows the player to choose a combination of six numbers from 1 to 49, as it happens in “Primitive”. In turn, accumulator bets allow you to play up to eleven numbers, although the cost of the bet is higher than with a single bet.

How much does Bonoloto cost?

To participate in Bonoloto, the minimum payout amount is 1 euro, so players must do: at least two simple bets, either on the same day or on different days. Additionally you can do daily bets or weekly rates. Daily rates are valid on the day they are purchased, and weekly rates are valid until the end of that week, not the next seven days. This means that the weekly rate will be valid until Saturday of that week, rather than the same day of the following week.

What prizes does Bonoloto give?

As with La Primitiva, Bonoloto lottery prizes are divided into different categories. The winners of the first category are the players who match all six numbers in the combination. In turn, guessers of the second category are those who guess five of the six numbers played in addition to the additional one. This final number is obtained by an additional draw in a lottery in which only those who correctly guess the other five numbers participate. 55% of Bonoloto’s revenue goes towards rewarding winners and the jackpot. which the first category winners receive.


*PLEASE NOTE: is not responsible for errors or omissions. The only valid official lists of the results of the various draws are those published by the National Organization of Spanish Blinds (ONCE) and the State Lotteries and Betting (SELAE).

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