Today’s diary Oktoberfest: La Joaquí and Mora titled “Birra al Parque”

Mora and La Joaqui will be part of “Birra Al Park”.

La Joaqui and Mora will be the main attractions of the Oktoberfest “Birra al Park” to be held in the Paraguayan Olympic Park. The event promises a lot of entertainment with both international artists as well as national artists: MakeTreffs, The Kilks, Mary Jane and Ramona Smith.

Puerto Rican multi-platinum singer Gabriel Armando Mora Quintero, known musically as Mora, is making a breakthrough this year with his Estella Tour.

After his first appearance before the Paraguayan public asuncionico 2023The Puerto Rican returns to our country as part of this tour that brings a pioneering staging and effects with a show of visual effects and light drama accompanied by his greatest hits, presenting his acclaimed albums. “microdose” And “Heaven”,

He stands himself in the new wave of urban Latino blending the most classic reggaeton sounds with dancehall, trap, pop and R&B, Mora has completed nearly 50 concerts this year in countries such as Dominican Republic, Isla Margarita, United . United States, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, Portugal and Paraguay, among others.

On the other hand, La Joaqui, whose original name is Joaquinha Llerena, returns to the stage after a break and includes a rendition of what has become a hit again in our country, as she did in the first edition. cambiasonic 2023,

A multi-faceted artist who has excelled as a singer-songwriter, songwriter, and rapper, La Joaqui draws inspiration from and incorporates her experiences into her music, writing songs that explore toxic relationships, childhood hunger, class privilege and address limited opportunities for vulnerable people.

His music reflects a deep concern for social issues that affect his community and the world as a whole.

Tickets are available at all physical ticketing points and can be purchased through the website as Hot Tickets (Limited) in its sales phase with cost from GS. 100,000. Once that lot is exhausted, tickets will go into Pre-Sale 1 with the cost of GS. 125,000, and so on till it reaches its final price.

This event is for all ages, children under 10 with a ticket and a responsible adult can enter for free.

The cost of the tables will be Gs. 3,500,0000, includes 10 beer garden tickets + their respective consumption and can be purchased through the website In addition, 6 additional tickets per table can be added, each additional ticket will cost GS. 350,000.

This beer kit will have different costs:

Option 1: GS 1: 300,000, Contains 1 Thermal Cup + 4 Refills.
Option 2: GS 200,000, which includes 1 Munich handle + 4 refills.
Option 3: GS 100,000, contains 1 Eco Glass + 4 refills.

‘Beer to the Park’ is the output of G5Pro And velvet experience,

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