Today’s diary Singer-songwriters Aldo Franco and Victor Riveros perform “Crusigrama” at the Jazz Cube

Aldo Franco and Victor Riveros. photo courtesy

This Sunday, September 10, at 9:00 pm, at the Jazz Cube (Dr. Mora c/ Guido Spano) there will be the musical show “Crusigrama”, led by Aldo Franco and Víctor Riveros. Ticket price GS 30,000.

The creation of the proposal mentions, “A show where crossed songs are combined, songs that cross boundaries and add their own meaning.”

on this occasion, aldo franco And Victor Riveros They will present a recital based on the dialogue between their respective arts, “some in harmony, others in divergence, completing the crossword puzzle’s sensory map of this time and place.”

Víctor Riveros is a bilingual singer-songwriter (Spanish/Guarani), one of the leaders of the Urban Social Song (CSU), he has spent 30 years in music and published five albums and several collective albums, he received the 2015 Ibermúsica Award. Is the winner of.

He has toured Latin America and Europe, taking with him a complete history of songs committed to music and word, encompassing deep and everyday, personal and social emotions, musical blends in his style, and which have been included on several albums. Was imprisoned in.

His most recent album is “Heart of the Mediterranean” Available on all platforms.

Aldo Franco, for his part, is a Paraguayan singer-songwriter who trained in Cuba, where he also studied medicine. On the island, their influence is marked in the line of creation, which was integrated with Paraguayan music and soul influences, creating songs that look at both social reality and intimate aspects of emotion.

They have recorded three albums in the studio and also toured in several countries in Latin America and Europe.

In October 2021 they released the EP “Sublime”, recorded in live sessions. In 2022 he presented “Poca Yerba” in collaboration with melissa hicks (from the group Tekov) and in 2023 he presented the song “Women’s Continent” Near Susana Zaldivar,

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