Today’s horoscope, May 28, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In today’s horoscope, Saturday May 28the planet Venus change sign to give yourself a day of joy and happiness so that your heart renews hope for a better future.


Today Venus, after a year, moves into Taurus so that you decrease your tendency to attack and increase the desire to help and be compassionate with others, since it enhances the feeling of love towards your loved ones. You will notice this when someone you care about very much told you that he is sick or without defenses and you, without hesitation, go to his assistance.

Since you will do this from your heart, your feelings will be selfless. In addition, you will give without expecting to receive and you will feel a lot of peace. In this order of ideas, you will not have the desire to obtain any recognition, but you will do it from your most friendly side.

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You are one of the most sensual signs, this from today is exalted by the passage of Venus to your sign. With this movement you will feel renewed, more attractive and your desire to socialize to meet new people will increase.

In addition, with this movement, you will be able to improve your sentimental relationship because your most loving and charming side will be on the rise, while your mental attitude will be happy and friendly. If you are single, the recommendation is not to waste time, attend the events that invite you and meet people taking into account the good and bad of each zodiac sign in relationships.

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You like to feel good about yourself and to please others. For this reason, it has always been important for you to take care of your aesthetics and know how to choose your clothes. To this quality, today the vibration of Venus is added, which gives you a special happiness, since it expands your seduction and your desire to fall in love.

The influence mentioned in your horoscope also gives you a very good opportunity to distract yourself and be in contact with more fun people. Also, if you are single, romantic situations will appear that will emerge thanks to your desire to find a new love.

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Today you feel harmony and calm within you, as well as around you, since your entire environment is pleasant to you, both for people and for situations, which is produced by the movement that Venus makes today.

But be careful because, at the same time, so much well-being can make you very lazy, move as little as possible and only do what gives you pleasure, because your purpose for the day will be to have fun. On the other hand, this generates a very powerful energy network around you that serves as protection from any negative influence that wants to affect you.

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Overwork hasn’t allowed you to relax enough for days. However, today, with the change of sign of the planet Venus, you will decide to give yourself some time to rest, enjoy your home in a better way, let yourself be lazy and indulge in the tastes that you have been postponing.

You will take your time for everything and you will enjoy leaving aside those demands for perfection that always accompany you, such as not leaving the low-calorie diet. While all this is happening, you will also stop criticizing everything that is happening around you and allow yourself a good rest.

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You have been preparing for a long time to receive the protections and favors of the Cosmos and today, with the change of sign of Venus, events will show you that that time has come. It is a day to relax and feel prosperity within you, since you will be able to attract very pleasant and pleasant situations.

As well as an opportunity to make a good deal, sign an important agreement or have a surprising dividend in your investment practice. On the other hand, you will be more sentimental and dreamy and your tendency will be not to see anything negative on this day.

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As you have been through love disappointments, you already feel capable of being able to advise your friends when they go through similar experiences. It is also, through this gesture, that you will be able to show your appreciation because you know that this way you help them remove their negative vibrations and get out of depressing situations.

What has been said happens to you especially because Venus changes signs and, in this way, increases in you the desire to contribute your experience so that your friends, in case of going through toxic relationships, can overcome them. You will also suggest them to do the ritual with cinnamon to attract peace and tranquility.

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You are a very intense sign because you belong to the water element and today you will perceive that you have increased your sensitivity due to the change of sign of the beneficial planet Venus. This will make you more in tune with other people’s feelings.

In this way, you will also feel fully connected to the depths of your soul, making the dialogues very deep. In addition, with this influence on the horoscope, if someone tells you about his feelings, you will be able to contain him by feeling attuned to that person and checking that you had not been wrong with your intuition.

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Today Venus moves into Taurus and gives you a greater stimulus to streamline your work routine. This will encourage you to leave the structured schedules and meetings to give yourself more free space, dedicate yourself more to yourself and do what makes you feel good on this day.

To this end, you will communicate with your friends to meet them; particularly, enjoying a very calm demeanor and enjoying every conversation. In this order of ideas, you will have a very special day in which you will be able to resolve emotional tensions and even sexual issues that you had been accumulating for a long time.

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Today the Universe gives you a day full of well-being due to the movement of Venus. According to this, you could meet very charismatic and independent people who show you a different lifestyle than the one you currently have and much more relaxed for you to integrate.

It is a good time for entertainment, as well as to let the imagination run wild and find creative and natural responses in the interaction with the environment. In addition, due to the aforementioned influence, you will be able to relax as soon as you take a couple of minutes for yourself if you have been accumulating wear and tear.

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This is a day when you will have very strong desires to be content. Therefore, even if you meet a person who upsets you because of his character, you will not lose focus on your purpose. With today’s influence from the planet Venus, you will not contribute your energies to developing new conflicts or worsening existing ones.

For all the above and to reduce complications, I also advise you to get out of your mind any complex issue or that generates some kind of concern in you. It is in this way that you will prevent the state of your aura from taking on dark colors.

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Today you feel your vibration very high and you have so many hopes inside you that you will spread your good humor to those around you. It will even seem to you to feel the cosmic wave of the Universe stronger than usual; especially through sunlight.

This beautiful energy that is prevailing in you helps you to feel in tune with what is happening around you and channel all your instinct to the frank demonstration of your feelings. This is due to the influence that the planet Venus brings today, as it changes signs and thus activates your good inclination to do favors for friends.

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