Today’s Movies and Programs Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Film Tonight on TV: Midnight Sun – Midnight Sun, Sudden Family – Instructions Not Included, Baywatch, Gandhi, Quanto Basta. Programs, Fiction and Series Tonight on TV: Inspector Montalbano – Angelica’s smile, Who has seen it ?.

Film Tonight on TV Today Wednesday 15 September 2021. Among those on the air today in the early evening on TV channels in clear: The Midnight Sun – Midnight Sun, Family Suddenly – Instructions not included, Baywatch, Gandhi, Quanto Basta, The Kingdom of Fire, Ocean’s Eleven – Play your game, Voices, Immature – The journey.


All the Movies on TV tonight:

  • The Midnight Sun – Midnight Sun, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.20 on Rai 2: Scott Speer’s 2018 drama, sentimental film, starring Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle, Quinn Shephard, Ken Tremblett, Nicholas Coombe, Tiera Skovbye, Paul McGillion, Suleka Mathew, Jennifer Griffin, Alex Pangburn and Austin Obiajunwa.
  • Suddenly Family – Instructions not included, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.20 on Canale 5: 2016 comedy film by Hugo Gélin, starring Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy, Gloria Colston, Ashley Walters and Antoine Bertrand.
  • Baywatch, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.20 on Italia 1: Comedy Movie, Seth Gordon’s 2017 Action, starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra, Hannibal Buress, Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, Jon Bass, Pamela Anderson, Ana Flavia Gavlak, Brandon Larracuente, David Hasselhoff, Rob Huebel, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jack Kesy, Oscar Nuñez and Clem Cheung.
  • Gandhi, the film on the air tonight on TV at 9.15 pm on La7: Richard Attenborough’s 1982 historical, biopic, drama film, starring Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen, Edward Fox, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Rohini Hattangady, Saeed Jaffrey, Geraldine James, John Mills, Roshan Seth, Günther Maria Halmer, Ian Charleson , Athol Fugard, Martin Sheen and Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • The Kingdom of Fire, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.20 on Rai4: Rob Bowman’s 2002 action, fantasy, thriller, starring Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Izabella Scorupco, Gerard Butler, Scott Moutter, Randall Carlton, Doug Cockle, Maree Duffy, Duncan Keegan, Rory Keenan, Alexander Siddig, Benny Nieves and Alice Krige.
  • How Much Enough, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.10 on Rai Movie: comedy film of 2018 by Francesco Falaschi, with Vinicio Marchioni, Valeria Solarino, Luigi Fedele, Nicola Siri, Mirko Frezza, Benedetta Porcaroli, Alessandro Haber, Gianfranco Gallo, Lucia Batassa and Giuseppe Laudisa.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Place your bets, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9 pm on Iris: 2001 action, comedy, thriller movies by Steven Soderbergh, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Elliott Gould, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Edward Jemison, Carl Reiner, Bernie Mac and Shaobo Qin.
  • Voices, the film on the air tonight on tv at 21.10 on La5: Jason Moore’s 2012 musical comedy film, starring Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Alexis Knapp, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Camp, Freddie Stroma, John Michael Higgins, Skylar Astin and Adam DeVine.
  • Cassandre – The wrong note, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9.10pm on Paramount: Eric Le Roux’s 2018 crime film, starring Gwendoline Hamon, Alexandre Varga, Dominique Pinon, Jessy Ugolin, Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Beatrice Agenin, Christopher Gendreau, Lucie Rébéré and Valentin Byls.
  • MegaFault – The earth is shaking, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9.15 pm on Cielo: David Michael Latt’s 2009 action, adventure, drama film, starring Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, Justin Hartley and Paul Logan.
  • Immature – The journey, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9 pm on Cine34: comedy film of 2012 by Paolo Genovese, with Raoul Bova, Ambra Angiolini, Ricky Memphis, Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu, Barbora Bobulova, Anita Caprioli, Luisa Ranieri, Maurizio Mattioli, Alessandro Tiberi, Giovanna Ralli, Lucia Ocone, Lavinia Longhi, Aurora Cossio, Rocio Munoz Morales and Francesca Valtorta.
  • Critical decision, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9pm on 8pm: Stuart Baird’s 1996 action, adventure, thriller film, starring Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, Whip Hubley, John Leguizamo, Joe Morton, Oliver Platt, Kurt Russell, David Suchet and BD Wong.
  • The Rendezvous – Deadly Prophecy, the film on the air tonight on tv at 9.30pm on Spike: 2016 action, adventure film by Amin Matalqa, starring Stana Katic, Raza Jaffrey, Alfonso Bassave, Glenn Fleshler and Meg Cionni.

Programs, Fiction and Series Tonight on TV

Among the main programs Tonight on TV we report:

  • Inspector Montalbano – Angelica’s smile (tv movie), broadcast at 21.20 on Rai 1
  • Who has seen?, on air from 21.20 on Rai 3
  • White zone (talk show, politics, current affairs), broadcast from 21.20 on Rete 4
  • X Factor People – 10 years of auditions (musical talent show), broadcast from 9.30pm on TV8
  • Agreements and Disagreements (talk show, politics, current affairs), broadcast from 21.25 on Nove
  • Arena di Verona: Cavalleria rusticana (opera), broadcast at 9.15 pm on Rai 5
  • Fire Force (animated TV series), broadcast from 9.15 pm on Italia 2
  • The Good Wife (tv series), broadcast at 9.30 pm on La7D.
  • Unforgettable (tv series), broadcast from 21.10 on Giallo
  • Law and Order: Special Unit (tv series), broadcast at 21.10 on Top Crime
  • Love and agree (game show), broadcast from 21.25 on Real Time
  • A family out of this world (docu-reality), broadcast from 21.25 on DMAX.
  • Big cats: the rulers of the earth (docu-series), broadcast at 9.15 pm on Focus.
  • The transatlantic Rex – Ship n ° 296 (documentary), broadcast at 21.10 on Rai Storia.


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