Together with the photo! selena gomez gives words to karol g

There’s more on his Instagram account With 420 million followers, the famous, beautiful and talented American singer and actress Selena Gomez usually posts pictures and videos of her personal projects. and professional, but also pieces that belong to her friends and colleagues for whom she is very fond.

Looks like our Colombian entered this keychain Karol G. Well, since Pesa signed a contract with the label that also represents North American, we’ve watched them very closely. And spending time as if it is years old friendship.

The first show we were excited to see Carroll was with Selena at the American’s birthday. And now what has us really excited is Gomez He went to Paisa’s concerts, knew the songs and showed he was a fan of hers, as he even visited her in her dressing room.

Photos of Selena Gomez and Karol G in Pesa’s dressing room paralyze the network

to celebrate this beautiful moment Two artists, their team members took some pictures that sent the network to a halt: one was greeting the other Talking with his hands and the other is giving a soft hand.

Selena published these photos and accompanied them with a phrase that suggests that she thinks Karol is her sister, but of another blood. One of those who responded was La Bichota’s sister, Veronica Giraldo, who commented that she was very proud of her relative:

“Didi, so proud to see how far you’ve come… two beautiful women in one photo (heart emoji).”

Colombia is proud of what La Bichota is achieving with a world-class cast

But Veronica is not the only Colombian to be proud of what Karol has achieved, but there are many other comments that show that La Nina de MedellĂ­n Making our country proud as Selena is one of the most influential women in the world.

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