Toluca vs América Clausura 2023 prediction, who has more chance of winning

America won in the preseason
America won in the preseason

Mexican soccer officially returned a week ago. After the matches of the Sky Cup and the end of the year, the Clausura 2023 tournament finally began. It was last weekend when the ball rolled again on the different Mexican soccer fields, with some exceptions for other reasons.

These exceptions were given for different circumstances. One of them was the Mazatlan vs Leon, which was not disputed for the safety of those involved and not expose them to the situation of violence that exists in Sinaloa. Meanwhile he Atlas vs. Toluca He was suspended due to the poor conditions on the pitch, something that did not go down well in the football world.

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Therefore, these squads will only make their debut on matchday 2. Some might say that they arrive with an advantage, since they will land in their respective matches with more rest time. But at the same time it doesn’t suit them either since they don’t come at the same pace as their rivals.

How did Toluca and América arrive at the meeting?

The Eagles look for the win

Unlike other matches, this duel will have two teams that will not be in the same conditions. And it is that he Toluca paid the consequences of the poor condition of the field of the Jalisco Stadium, because the grass was not in the best condition. Therefore, his match against Atlas was postponed.

Therefore, to talk about the way in which the Red Devils arrive at the match, we have to go back to the end of last year, when they played their preseason in the Sky Cup. In said tournament, those led by Ignacio Ambriz debuted with a draw against the Pumas de la UNAM. While on the second day, they were defeated 0-2 by América.

While on the third date they got another tie, now against Cruz Azul. Finally they closed their participation with a victory over Necaxa, but it was not enough to be able to get into the next round of the friendly tournament. With these cards, the Red Devils will officially debut in the tournament.

Secondly, America if he was able to play his duel last week. In said match, those led by Fernando Ortiz did not go beyond a scoreless draw against Querétarogiving a slightly disappointing performance, since many believed that those from Coapa would easily prevail against one of the worst teams of the last tournament.

While in other antecedents, the Eagles also played the Sky Cup. On the first day they tied three goals with Necaxa, then they beat Toluca 2-0 and closed with two defeats, which gave something to talk about. The first was a 2-0 in favor of the Pumas de la UNAM in another edition of the Clásico Capitalino.

While at the end of the tournament they faced Cruz Azul in the Young Classic, however, they also lost it with a score of 2-1. That meant that they could not play the final of the tournament, so they were left with the desire to advance to the round. Despite the fact that it was a worthless tournament, many fans consider that the alarm should be raised, since they do not like the way in which they closed their preseason.

America has pending accounts with Toluca

What is the probability of Toluca and América winning the match?

According to the performance of both teams in their previous meetings, and considering still a little what was done in the last tournament, the chances that they get the three points are the following:

Victoria Toluca: 34.6%
Tie: 23.4%
Victory America: 42%

Added to that, the result that is most likely to occur is a win of 1-2 in favor of the capitalso they would be getting their first three points in the tournament.

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