Tom Cruise piloted his own plane and gave TV presenter James Corden a ride

Tom Cruise piloted his P-51 Mustang and also an L-39 Albatros trainer jet

Top Gun: Maverick actor Tom Cruise piloted his own plane during a flight that featured The Late Late Show host James Caron as a special guest.

In addition to offering Caron a Top Gun day on the classic WWII fighter jet, the P-51 Mustang, the actor piloted an L-39 Albatros trainer jet.

Tom Cruise is part of the select group of Hollywood stars who have a pilot’s license, such as actors John Travolta, Harrison Ford and Angelina Jolie.

In the video of just over 14 minutes, Tom Cruise picked up Caron with his HondaJet business jet, which flew to an airport where the Mustang and Albatros flights were carried out.

In certain parts of the video there are some references to the original Top Gun movie, from 1986, such as the theoretical instruction scene at the Miramar naval air base in San Diego, California, or even the beach volleyball game.

Of course, this is all part of the promotional campaign for the sequel Top Gun: Maverick, where Tom Cruise returns to the role of the now-legendary Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, which premiered on the 21st.

The sequel to Top Gun sees Maverick now as an experienced test pilot, who is called to train a group of Navy pilots for a real combat mission. Throughout the film, many references to the 1980s film appear.

Another interesting point of the new film was the scenes recorded in flight, where Tom Cruise and the other actors really flew the F/A-18F Super Hornet fightersof the US Navy. In fact, the entire sequence of images in flight of the Super Hornet is real, with CGI just creating the enemy planes and the classic F-14 Tomcat.

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