Tom Cruise single again, it’s already over with Hayley Atwell: the gossip


The two protagonists of Mission Impossible 7 have been dating for about a year, but now they would be just friends

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell have already broken up? So it seems. The latest rumors coming from abroad would like the actor to be single again. The two actors are the protagonists of the new chapter of Mission Impossible, the seventh to be exact. They started dating about a year ago and the age difference was no obstacle between them. 59 years he, 39 she: if Tom Cruise she certainly needs no introduction, even the very good one Hailey Atwell has been on the big screen for several years. She is the face of Captain America’s great love in Marvel films.

Both beautiful, together they formed a beautiful couple: it seems it is already time to move on to the past. The Sun made it known that towards the end of filming of Mission Impossible 7 Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell they would have decided to remain just friends. The relationship lasted almost as long as the shooting of the film, which stretched out due to the many setbacks that took place. Also due to Covid. But the pandemic and the lockdown they made the two get closer and closer.

THE gossip about Tom Cruise and Hailey Atwell they intensified when they began attending events together. The outings in public as a couple are always a confirmation and they have formalized the bond by appearing together at different events, such as Wimbledon. A source of The Sun revealed that it was a very busy time for the actors due to filming. Between them there has always been an understanding and they got along very well, but at the end of the shoot, or almost, they chose to remain just friends.

In conclusion, would already be over between Tom Cruise and Hailey Atwell from Mission Impossible 7. A break that would also have been caused by the actor’s numerous upcoming engagements. They would have left on good terms anyway and those who experienced them said it’s a real shame it didn’t work out. Atwell was also Cruise’s longest relationship since the end of her marriage to Katie Holmes and for her he was willing to move to England.

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