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Even Hollywood’s best action stars have missed good opportunities.

Tom Cruise has given us some great roles to remember in his career spanning over 40 years, but although Best active action star in hollywood When it came to accepting roles that would mark his career forever – like he was pretty smart top Gun, Impossible Goal, jerry maguire, risky business one of two minority Report, He has also missed good opportunities in the last few years.

We know Tom Cruise was close to landing the lead role in this Edward ScissorhandsFor example, and that his awkward questions discouraged Tim Burton from giving him the role that would propel Johnny Depp to stardom; While the story is also quite famous that he missed the opportunity dancing To support Kevin Bacon key to success,

Although there are other examples of mythological films that have at least addressed the possibility of including Cruise in their group, The actor’s worst decision was rejection an amazing mindThe 2001 film, directed by Ron Howard, ultimately starred Russell Crowe in one of the most important roles of his career.

Why did Tom Cruise reject ‘A Beautiful Mind’?

Although it is easier to know from the perspective of years whether choosing one or the other option was a success or a mistake, The dilemma of choosing between two interesting projects when their construction overlaps This is something that actors have to deal with often. At that moment they should allow themselves to be carried away by their intuition, or, in the case of something already signed, assume that they are not free to join the project, but in reality They can’t know which one will ultimately turn out to be a better film.

And thus Tom Cruise turned down the star an amazing mind In favor of vanilla Sky, which may not be the worst role of his career and which wasn’t bad at the box office, but which has one of the worst ratings of his career – barely 43% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes – and that’s without any pain or glory. Has passed away. A film considered a “bad Hollywood remake” of a film that had high expectations and delivered gloomy In-spite of this.

opposite of this, an amazing mind It turned out to be a real successalso received rave reviews from critics, eventually resulting in Ron Howard’s film Winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2002, Similarly, the film won Oscars for Best Director for Howard, Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Connelly, and Best Adapted Screenplay for Akiva Goldsman. Crowe was nominated for Best Actor for his role as John Nash, which Cruise declined.but lost to denzel washington training Day,

Even though it was a bad decision – it might as well have been rain ManThe truth is that Cruise had a special relationship with himself – the second film of his career to win the Best Picture Oscar. vanilla SkyBecause they themselves acquired the ‘remake’ rights of the Spanish film open your eyes It was conceived by Alejandro Amenabar after its presentation at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and worked hand-in-hand with director Cameron Crowe to complete it. vanilla Sky, Interestingly, Rachel Weisz turned down the role of Alicia Nash which won Connelly an Oscar.

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