Tom Cruise unrecognizable, as he is after having resorted to surgery


The latest photos of Tom Cruise show us a person literally different from the one we have known: did the actor resort to surgery?

Idol of girls and women between the 80s and 90s, protagonist of some of the most loved films in the history of American cinema (Top Gun, Rainman, Interview with the Vampire, just to name a few), Tom Cruise not only does he need no introduction but he is one of the most recognizable faces in the whole world. There is no one in the Western world who does not know who he is and therefore there is no one who does not know what he looks like.

Precisely for this reason the latest photos appeared on the net and published in Europe since Daily Mail they definitely caused a sensation. The American actor appears in public with a swollen face and features that seem to have changed compared to even a few months ago. Here, then, is that the weeklies around the world, especially the English tabloids, have speculated that the handsome Tom has decided to rejuvenate his face from the cosmetic surgeon.

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Has Tom Cruise succumbed to the tweak?

On the Instagram page of the Daily Mail, the gossip expert spoke of the news Dear Burke. The young journalist begins the video by showing a comparative photo of the actor, showing what he was like before and what he looks like now and in commenting on it she says: “What the heck happened to Tom Cruise’s face?!? And yes, this is Tom Cruise, what I’m pointing to ”. The gossip expert replies that no one at the moment knows for sure what happened also because the person concerned has not talked about it.


It then summarizes the opinion that a cosmetic surgery expert gave to the British tabloid about the shocking change in the actor’s face. According to this he essentially used del botulinum to stretch the face and make wrinkles disappear, this however caused a swelling of the face and the disappearance of any facial expression.

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Showing a second slide in which the signs of this retouching are highlighted, Cara explains that the use of pricks is recognizable both by the swelling of the cheeks, and by the absence of expression lines while sketching a smile (there are neither around the lips nor next to the eyes), moreover the expression lines from the forehead have also disappeared. From the analysis provided, it is clear that Tom wanted to rejuvenate his face at the expense of expressiveness, not a minor feature for an actor, especially for one of his level.


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