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MURCIA. This year marks two anniversaries in Cannes, one official and one unofficial. The first recounts the 75th anniversary of the international film festival and is celebrated on plates and posters. The second was highlighted by red, white and blue smoke trails left behind in the sky over La Croisette by the French Air Force Aerobatic Patrol to shelter the return of Tom Cruiseabsent from the cultural event for three decades.

It should be noted that the Dassault Alpha jets are exhibited on few and notorious occasions in the neighboring country, in the case of July 14, National Day. It should also be noted that Cannes promised last year to reduce its environmental impact, “a very important long-term commitment that requires everyone to do their bit”, as was transmitted to the press days before the opening of this edition in a release. But in the coherence of its incoherence, the festival of festivals, which is a vanity fair as well as a showcase of large, medium and small cinema from all corners of the world, except Russia this year, Cruise arrived by helicopter at Cannes and a military deployment covered the premiere of Maverick (Joseph Kosinski), which hits our theaters this Friday, May 25.

Because, as the echo mail of the festival says once again, “each and every one of us has the ability to generate changes by demonstrating ecological behavior”, but not everyone will spur the recruitment of a whole new generation of pilots with a film and by extension, hope to the theaters with a massive pilgrimage of nostalgic for top gun (Tony Scott1986) to see its sequel.

Because, why deny it, despite the media hype about their membership in the Church of Scientology and the bizarre and disturbing headlines about how the sect has influenced their personal relationships, few actors in Hollywood have the presence, professionalism and magnetism by Cruise. during his come, vidi, vici on the Côte d’Azur, he not only promoted his latest title, but also offered a master class and received a surprise Palme d’Or for his entire career.

think big

“I make movies for the big screen. My feature films will never be released directly on the platforms, because cinema is a shared experience, whatever our culture or language. I always go to premieres and put on a hat so I can sit in the audience. I like to see the trailers”, shared the actor before a thousand people in chained ovations.

His is a commercial auteur cinema. If the viewer wants to see Tom Cruise, he has to go through the box office, because he does not star in advertising or series, he avoids events and red carpets.

The passion for his job emerged at the age of four with the cinema of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd Y Charles Chaplin. “At that age I wanted to make movies, fly planes, have adventures… Even when I fail with a project, I try to leave the experience with something learned. It is always better to try”, she developed.

His second film was pivotal in that regard. In 1981 she participated in Taps, beyond honor (Harold Becker1981), starring George C Scott Y Timothy Hutton. He became interested in work in all departments. He never went to film school. “ I thought that if I didn’t do another movie again, at least I would understand what it was about. I have never been afraid of not knowing something.”

If Gene Kelly dances, Tom jumps off a bridge

I do respect, on the other hand, to rush into your decisions. Hence the long-deferred meeting with Peter Mitchell, that arrogant and reckless alter ego, dressed in sunglasses and aviator jacket, on the back of his Kawasaki or propelled into the clouds in a supersonic plane. In Maverick there is again insubordination, vertigo, romance, suicide mission and aerial choreography. The action film is highly enjoyable, with its sprinkled doses of nostalgia and its updated look at a cloudy present due to the replacement of manned flights by military drones.

“People have been asking me why it took me 36 years to embark on the sequel. They wanted me to do a second movie right away, but I needed to grow as an artist, understand what cinema is,” he said. In fact, when making new deliveries in Mission Impossible I have learned that I can maintain a dialogue with the audience”.

As in previous blockbusters, at 59 years of age, the actor takes on the action sequences in Maverick. “It’s like asking Gene Kelly why he dances. As a kid, just over four years old, I had a toy parachute. I wanted to do the same thing and I built one out of my sheets, I went up on the roof and I jumped. In the fall I thought it wasn’t a good idea and that it was going to kill me. In fact, when I fell I hit the ground so hard that I saw the stars for the first time in broad daylight. But ultimately I thought it was hilarious,” he shared between laughs.

The brilliance of his shooting star eclipsed all controversy, with a public interview where religion was avoided, and an audiovisual review of his entire career projected before each of the screenings. Maverick in which there was no trace of Nicole Kidman in none of the frames that illustrated the three films they shared: Thunder days (Tony Scott1990), a very distant horizon (Ron Howard1992) and Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick, 1999). Controversies deafened by the sound of fighters.

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