Tom Cruise’s toughest scene in ‘Mission Impossible’ was done like this: He built a train and then crashed it

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell during the train sequence in 'Mission Impossible: Death Sentence - Part 1'
Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell during the train sequence in ‘Mission Impossible: Death Sentence – Part 1’

new installment of Impossible Goal is already in theaters and that can only mean one thing, a new wave of high-risk scenes and set pieces in all parts of the world. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) And his team to the extreme. The saga has always been characterized by proposing the most stunning scenes of all kinds, but it seems that in this latest film they have reached a new level.

In Mission Impossible: Death Penalty – Part 1 -The second will be in theaters next year-, Hunt and his team must face the most dangerous enemy they have ever encountered, as it has no form, but is a virus that can interact with any system. country and destroy it from within. There are many people who try to obtain the keys to access this system known as the Entity, so the MIF Team (mission impossible force) Work will have to be done to ensure that the unit not only does not fall into the wrong hands, but is destroyed once and for all.

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suit your style James Bond: 007, This new film brings a lot of locations, both exotic and more classic. And on one of the trips that Hunt has to make to prevent the sale of the key that supposedly grants access to the unit, he finds himself boarded a train on its way to Innsbruck in the Austrian Tyrol. A key scene of the film takes place there and, like much of the film, it returns there Impossible Goal original, that brian de palma in 1996, where the climax also took place on a high-speed train, in that case on the way to another major European city, such as Paris.

Without giving too much information about the film, which was released in theaters last Wednesday the 12th, the truth is that the film has revealed exclusive behind-the-scenes content. In this short video we are told a little about the process of filming the sequence on the train, for which they had to specially build a train so that it would later crash. Christopher McQuarrieThe film’s director explains the difficulty of such a sequence as well as how he needed it to complement the previous installments.

Not everyone knows what the story behind this famous sequence is, as it was one of the sequences that took the most time, not during filming but at the preparation stage. And originally the team wanted to film on a bridge in the South polandEspecially with an old street that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and, although not used, was considered national heritage as a result of the controversy.

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Since production also had to be halted due to the outbreak of the pandemic – more than one person can be seen wearing a mask during the video – the entire process of this sequence took longer than expected, but they eventually managed to complete it. between a place of norway what else was filmed United Kingdom After the pandemic, the team Impossible Goal He achieved one of the key scenes of the film and, at the same time, managed to overcome one of the biggest challenges of the entire saga, even if it happened behind the screen.

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