Tom Felton (Harry Potter) failed by the girls because of his role of Draco Malfoy

Is being a movie or series star a good plan to succeed on the cheap? If we trust the recent reactions of the public to the physique of Jesse Williams (ex-star of Grey’s Anatomy) during his visit to the theater, we are tempted to answer “yes”. However, as Tom Felton has just confessed, being an actor or actress would in reality bring no guarantee of having the world at your feet and seeing your bed creak.

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Tom Felton rejected from girls because of Draco

In the course of an interview with The Guardian, the 34-year-old comedian – who has revealed himself to the eyes of the whole world thanks to his role as Malfoy in the film saga Harry Potterrevealed that his character had been of no help to him in approaching girls between 2001 and 2011.

Some people really find it hard to believe that I wasn’t anything special, that I wasn’t such a popular boy [à l’époque]he initially said. But you have to know that I was walking around with dyed hair and that I was playing an evil wizard“. Also, between his Spike Bleached hair of buffy and his character’s head-to-toe personality, Tom Felton was ultimately like Moses when he wandered the streets with an empty sidewalk in front of him and girls hiding to the sides.

It was nothing cool [d’être Drago]he then continued. It didn’t help me with the girls in any way“. And the worst part of all this? While the girls rejected Tom Felton because of his role, you should know that the screen time reserved for Draco Malfoy during the 8 films of the saga was ridiculous. And for good reason, the Harry’s best enemy actually only appeared 31 minutes out of the 19.6 hours of film!

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