Tom Hardy, Demi Lovato, Wiz Khalifa… These 9 celebrities who practice MMA

Benoit Desaint

Increasingly popular with the rise of the UFC, MMA has won over several celebrities who have taken up the discipline.

A true social phenomenon, the mma is today a sport that interests more and more people all over the world. And among these, we inevitably find celebrities. Ultra-present during UFC events, these are, for the most part, spectators who enjoy watching the knockouts of Conor McGregor or the exploits of Francis Ngannou. But some of them are not content with that and practice discipline.

Stars seduced by MMA

Combining the most effective techniques of the various martial arts, MMA is a practical sport for defending oneself in the street in the event of an attack. It is this aspect which has thus attracted Demi Lovato. Wiz Khalifa, meanwhile, appreciates the training process that allowed him to gain muscle mass. As for the other stars present in the gallery below, they discovered the practice within the framework of a role. This is particularly the case of Tom Hardy Where Nick Jonas.

These 9 celebrities who practice MMA

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