Tom Hardy’s oppressive psychological drama that deserved more recognition

VENICE, Italy - SEPTEMBER 02: Actor Tom Hardy attends the premiere of 'Locked' during the 70th Venice International Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 2, 2013 in Venice, Italy.  (Photo by Danny Martindale/WireImage)

VENICE, Italy – SEPTEMBER 02: Actor Tom Hardy attends the premiere of ‘Locked’ during the 70th Venice International Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 2, 2013 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Danny Martindale/WireImage)

When we think about its rise Tom Hardy At the top of Hollywood, among the big projects he monopolized in the early 2010s, it is easy to note his collaborations with Christopher Nolan such as the films Batman The Dark Knight Riseshis jump mad Max Replacing Mel Gibson, his work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alejandro González Iñárritu Ghosts. Evil spirit Or acclaimed British projects like wart, But very few people will remember n independent project with which Hardy blew our minds with an oppressive proposal:A psychological drama that fell into oblivion and deserves its certification One of the most interesting films of the actor’s career,

I talk lokeThe Creator is a 2013 British film directed by Steven Knight. peaky blinders and responsible for the scripts of such classics as dangerous promises, Their proposal focused on a prolific man in the world of construction who had everything he ever wanted at his fingertips. A person who, one night, Feels a duty to risk everything to follow the morally right path, It’s not an unprecedented story, but the fact that the entire film is shot via telephone conversations inside a car made it the riskiest and strangest idea.

Being a drama about moral decisions, all the weight of which rests on dialogue, without the necessary resources to captivate us over the course of nearly an hour and a half of footage it might seem like a tiresome gamble. But, surprisingly, loke It is able to maintain the adrenaline and intensity of any thriller without any of the artistry of this genre., Simply put, this is a film that knows how to deliver to us the same burden of Hardy’s role by introducing us to the psyche of its protagonist and taking advantage of its claustrophobic setting and the dilemmas of its plot.

I think its best asset is playing with the mystery in its first stages, building interest in the character’s motivations while we figure out what drove him to that strange car trip. We have to add to this How well planned is the film?, making remarkable use of close-ups of its protagonist, taking perfect advantage of its nighttime setting and knowing how to carefully handle the montage to create a tense and heavy situation. And if we add to that how well Tom Hardy acts in character, how well he represents the many sensibilities that come to mind in his role, then we have a refreshing ending film that is worth watching. Works like yesterday.

Its only drawback might be how conventional its story becomes, with the final bars missing a few twists that would have elevated it to more surprising levels. It’s all based on a moral dilemma that’s been seen countless times and it even feels like a TV movie, but, like I said, the film’s premise is so overwhelming and effective that in the end it leaves you wanting something else. No need to get tired at the end of the screening. And just the telephone conversation has you on the edge of your seat An ability that very few films can boast ofNot even adrenaline thrillers that desperately seek this effect.

I regret this loke It did not generate enough noise in its time to remain in our memory., Despite being out of competition, it was able to make its debut at festivals such as Venice, and despite the fact that awards such as the British Independent Film Awards or the European Film Awards did not include it in their nominations or the critics associations in Los Angeles awarded it. Did. For the work of Tom Hardy, none of the main awards took him into account.

Apart from this, it did not have much impact on the box office either. Its worldwide collection of $5 million was enough to make its low budget of only $2 profitable, but these are not figures that exemplify the strong interest in this proposition. For this reason, I believe this is a title that should be reclaimed and rediscovered, as it remains one of the most appreciated films in Hardy’s filmography, A top-notch cinematic experience that should stand on par or even exceed its big titles at the top of Hollywood, If you want to enjoy it, it is available for rent in Latin America on platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon or Google.

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