Tom Hiddleston and Keanu Reeves are the gentlemen of Hollywood and these photos prove it

Keanu Reeves became the world’s famous favoriteand it is that in addition to having an incredible talent for acting and being the protagonist of great cinema successes, he has proven to be a respectable man in all contexts.

The eyes of the world are on the actor, especially after it was announced that will return as the lead for the sequel to Constantinea film that promises to be as impressive and successful as its first installment.

This is not the only film that has marked his artistic career. Let’s remember that his face is also a mark for tapes like John Wick Y The Matrix.

However, what ended up hooking the public in admiration was his humble, kind and respectful personality.

Despite his incredible world fame, Keanu tries to lead as modest a life as possible. and that is why it is common to see him walking in parks, taking the subway or reading the newspaper on a street bench.

Also, the artist went viral for some photographs with fans and co-workersthen avoid touching them improperly or invading their personal space.

Like Keany Reeves, Tom Hiddleston has endeared himself to the public.

Another character that is admired by the public is Tom Hiddlestonwho is known worldwide for bringing to life Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actor won the admiration of many thanks to his performancebut it was his personality and charisma that ended up hooking the public, because he has a very respectful way of treating all people.

An image of the actor with Emma Watson went viral, because It was appreciated when the famous moved his hand away from the exposed skin of the actress while they posed in a photo.

In this way, both actors have become a reference for many other men and are admired by all the public.

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