Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton are expecting their first child

No one could imagine a more subversive or eloquent villain than Lokibut this one would not have the same popularity were it not for Tom Hiddleston, who has known how to explore different facets of the adoptive brother of Thor thanks to his great acting level. Without a doubt, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) allowed the Briton to establish himself as one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood. The truth is that the interpreter does not share any similarity with his character, especially regarding the sentimental field, because in addition to having found love next to Zawe Ashton, very soon he will become a dad for the first time. The announcement was made in the least expected way when the actress – who got engaged to Hiddleston in early 2022 – showed off her baby bump during the red carpet of the premiere of his new project.



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Zawe Ashton showed off her baby bump last Wednesday during the premiere of the film Mr Malcolm’s List, a period drama in which she plays Julia Thistlewaite. The 37-year-old actress paraded in an elegant beige tulle dress with a heart-shaped neckline and adorned with rhinestones on the top, a design signed by Sabina Bilenko Couture. In this way, the famous one has confirmed in a very subtle way that the Marvel family is about to receive one more member.

The event took place in New York, and although Hiddleston could not be present at the scene, the actress was surrounded by her co-stars, including Freida Pinto, Sianad Gregory, Sope Dirisu and Theo James, as well as the director of the tape, Emma Holly Jones. The news that the interpreter of Loki will be a father has made fans of the villain celebrate, who has appeared in the first three films of the franchise of Thorstarring Chris Hemsworth.


Tom Hiddleston He has always made an effort to keep the intimate details of his love life private, so it is not surprising that he has not yet commented on the sweet wait; however, she a couple of weeks ago in an interview for Los Angeles Times The 41-year-old actor was introduced as “a recently engaged man” and when asked how he was after proposing to Zawe Ashton, he replied how happy he is to be able to start his own family. “I am very happy,” he said.

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The love story of Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton

The actors met three years ago at the play betrayal, in which they gave life to a fractured marriage that is faced with scenes of deception and broken friendships. The chemistry between Hiddleston and Ashton transcended beyond the curtain. It was so in September 2019 they debuted as a couple at the Tony Awards. At the beginning of 2022 they were seen again at the Bafta Awards, but on this occasion Zawe Ashton wore a splendid ring on her ring finger, which sparked wedding rumors, which she confirmed People.


“They were very private publicly, but behind the scenes you could see a lovely chemistry,” a source told the US media. “There were sparkles in both of their eyes and the whole company, including Charlie Cox, were very close.” Also, the source stressed that Hiddleston is a “very very private” person, but “behind the scenes, in private, they were affectionate, hugging and sitting next to each other and holding hands.”

One detail that fans have not overlooked is that the couple is increasingly united, since the London-born actress has just joined the MCU with the marvelsthe sequel to Captain Marvel, where he will share credits with Brie Larson and will have an antagonistic role, whose name and role it will play in history are still unknown.


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