Tom Holland and the beautiful gesture towards Zendaya that makes us want a boyfriend like him

That Zendaya and Tom Holland are serious is not new, but the actors they never cease to amaze with the nice gestures they make for each other, proving that they are the perfect relationship.

Their love was born thanks to work, since their lives crossed while playing spider-man and his MJ, respectively. From there, the chemistry flowed until it became one of the most admired courtships of entertainment.

The last gesture of Tom Holland for Zendaya that steals our sighs

According to a report from Glamor, the British interpreter made a great demonstration of love for the protagonist of euphoria after being separated for several weeks by the filming of the famous.

She is in Budapest at the recordings of Dunes 2, so that had to travel more than 4 thousand miles from New York to Europe, where he worked in The Crowded Room, showing that when there is true love, any kind of sacrifice is made.

So, wanting to see her again and spend time together, the 26-year-old actor would have taken a commercial flight to get closer to where he is for a few days, according to the same source.

In this way, he moved away from prejudices and showed that his desire to be with his girlfriend is stronger than the siege of the fans or the delays of conventional flights. Another fan even recorded him knitting while he was traveling!

This was captured in some videos and images that circulated on social networks, in which Tom Holland is seen traveling and shortly after, The couple was also caught walking through the streets of Hungary holding hands.

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