Tom Holland plays Spider-Man for DCU role in Superman: Legacy fan art


  • Spider-Man star Tom Holland is being suggested as the next live-action version of The Flash in James Gunn’s DC Universe.
  • The future of The Flash in the DC Universe is uncertain following the end of Grant Gustin’s show and the flop of Ezra Miller’s film.
  • It remains to be seen whether or not The Flash will be included in Gunn and Safran’s upcoming DC franchise, but a new speedster is likely to take up the iconic mantle.

Spider Man James Gunn to star Tom Holland as The Flash DC Universe in New superman: legacy fan Art. 2023 is the end of DCEU movies Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom This will be the final installment of the franchise. However, as one superhero continuity comes to an end, another is about to come to life as Gunn and Peter Safran are developing a new era for the DC franchise, with several upcoming DC Universe movies and TV shows beginning with Chapter 1, “Gods “are scheduled for. And monsters.

As Gunn and Safran are casting new talent to portray some of the iconic heroes in the DC Universe, there are some whose fate in the franchise has yet to be revealed. For the next live-action version of The Flash, Felipe Ila shares new superman: legacy Artwork, as a proof of concept, where Holland is imagined as the Scarlet Speedster.

Holland has been playing the role of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2016, where he starred captain america civil war Before acting on your own Spider Man Trilogy. Although Holland is ready to return spider man 4, To say the least, the idea of ​​Gunn joining the DC Universe is certainly appealing.

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Will The Flash Appear In James Gunn’s DC Universe?

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When it comes to the future of The Flash in live-action, it’s difficult because of the way things turned out in 2023. After almost a decade, shine The Grant Gustin-starring show ended on The CW in season 9, while Ezra Miller shine The film became one of the biggest box office bombs of the year. Despite the rumours, Gunn has made it clear that Gustin will not be the Flash of the DC Universe, And recent reports have also confirmed that Miller will not be reprising his role in the upcoming franchise.

Despite announcing several DC Universe films and TV shows in January, Gunn and Safran insisted that they are not half the list for Chapter 1, “Gods & Monsters”. With that in mind, the iconic DC speedster hasn’t been seen anywhere on their map Road so far, but it may well appear within this window – though there’s also another mystery that DC Studios has yet to answer. is not given which makes it unclear. Since Barry Allen has had an extensive presence in live-action for the past ten years, there’s a chance that another speedster who played the iconic role could appear – and in fact, using another character in the Flash lineage The overall DC Universe could benefit.

Either Gunn and Saffron already know what they plan to do with The Flash, or perhaps they’re debating whether it’s time for someone other than Barry to run in the new DC Universe. The time has come. Given how the Flash IP has evolved over the years, especially due to the Arrowverse shows, it would be a major shock if the Fastest Man Alive isn’t a part of Chapter 1, “Gods & Monsters” in some capacity. However, for now the world will have to wait and see what happens DC Universe He plans to do the same when it comes to The Flash.

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