Tom Holland Says Social Media Is Overwhelming

Since the premiere of his latest movie called ‘Uncharted’ last February, Tom Holland It had practically disappeared from his Instagram account. The latest posts found on his profile are related to advertising campaigns or his foundation ‘The Brothers Trust’, which he established with his younger brothers Harry, Sam and Paddy.

His absence had not entirely worried his fans since he is currently filming a series called ‘The Crowded Room’ and thanks to this it is common to find photos of Tom filming on set.

tom holland new york the crowded room series

(Tom Holland recording his new series / Instagram)

However, the Briton, known for playing “Spiderman”, recently shared a video of approximately three minutes in which he is honest about his “disappearance”, the actor began by saying: “I have taken a break from social networks for my health Mentally, I find Instagram and Twitter overstimulating and overwhelming,” she explained.

He also added that reading things about himself on the Internet makes him feel “trapped”, a situation that led him to walk away and delete the applications on his phone.

The 26-year-old actor has precisely received many remarks about his appearance in recent months, since the character he is currently playing, ‘Danny’, has a totally different physique than “Spiderman”. Even the story of the series deals with mental illness.

Continuing with the video, Tom spoke about the stigmas that exist in society regarding mental health and encouraged his 67 million followers not to be ashamed and seek help if they need it. Along these lines, the actor recommended an app called ‘Stem4’, which provides help with mental health.

Tom Holland Brothers Trust Foundation (instagram)

Finally, Tom thanked the support and affection of his fans, to whom he assured that “he will talk to you soon”.

This situation is not unfamiliar in the entertainment industry, today it is increasingly common for celebrities to talk about mental health, especially how they affect social networks. Some examples of this are Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. While there are other celebrities who prefer not to have accounts like Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart and more.

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