Tom Sturridge and his best movies (where to see them)

Tom Sturridge was the best choice to bring to life Dream in the series The Sandman.

Based on the works of Neil Gaiman (creator of Coraline, Good Omens and American Gods), the series follows a Endless (a kind of god) who is the ruler of the world of dreams and nightmares, who is trapped in the human world after a British aristocrat performs a mysterious ritual. Dream he arrives in the human world in the form of Sturridge and ends up spending over 100 years locked in a basement, while his kingdom and the world go to waste.

The actor, who is also one of the best dressed of the moment, has that ethereal look that was ideal to give life to a god who controls people’s dreams, but before that he had already appeared in many movies, and some series, where he showed that no challenge is too big for him.

Sturridge has worked with Kristen Stewart and Alicia Vikander with the sisters Fanning and with the director Olivier Assayasand if you liked it the Sandmanthen it’s worth marathoning their best projects to date.

Tom Sturridge and his best movies:

Irma Vep (HBO Max)


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This is more of a miniseries based on a movie, which itself is based on another classic French movie. alice vikander leading role as an actress who agrees to be part of the project of a director who wants to turn the film Les Vampires into a series, and it is something that is out of the ordinary in her career and leads her to question everything. Sturridge plays an ex-boyfriend who reappears in the actress’s life and complicates everything.

Effie Gray (On Demand)


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