Tom Sturridge: who is the actor who plays Morpheus in the series ‘Sandman’?

The performer, who has made a name for himself on Broadway, stars in Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comics

Sandmanthe adaptation that Netflix has made of the comics of Neil Gaman, has already become the most watched Netflix title these days in 80 countries, including Spain. The series, released on August 5, has been the definitive accolade that its protagonist had been looking for, the King of the Dream Morpheus, whom he plays Tom Sturridgefor decades.

At 36 years old, this london actor who likes to wear an earring in his left ear is leaving his mark on the red carpets with a look Gothic according to its new role, distancing itself from the more bohemian style to which we had become accustomed in recent times.

Recently seen in television productions such as sweetbitter (Starzplay) and irma veep (hbo max), Sturridge has lived the show business at home from a very young age. director’s son charles sturridge (Shackleton) and the actress Phoebe Nicholls (The elephant Man) and also the grandson of performers, his family’s relationship with the entertainment industry opened the doors for him to start his early career in this sector. It was when he was only 11 years old, in the television adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels directed by his father.

First professional disappointment

Already in that early period he was chaining works and rubbing shoulders with renowned actors such as Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons (getting to know Julia), Tony Collette (sinister minds) and Philip Seymour Hoffmann (covert radio). But he was not spared having to face his first professional upset: after being cast to star in the sci-fi trilogy jumperthe producers did not see clearly if it was a good deal to have a practically unknown actor for the main role and finally opted for a more popular name, Hayden Christensen. Surely one of his closest friends, the vampire from Twilight Robert Pattinsonwas there to support him.

Later came titles like In the path, Effie Gray, Mary Shelley, Away from the madding crowd Y Velvet Buzzsawalthough where he managed to make a good name for himself was in Broadwayfor his praised roles in works such as Punk rock, orphans, 1984 Y Sea Wall / A Life. These works earned him several nominations for the Tony, the Oscars of the theater.

The relationship with Sienna Miller

to the industry of show business also belongs to the woman to whom he has been romantically linked for the longest years, one of the style icons in Great Britain: the model, actress and designer Sienna Miller. Fruit of his relationship with the protagonist of anatomy of a scandalwho had a turbulent marriage with Jude Lawwas born in 2012 the so far only daughter of the actor, Marlowe. The two had met while doing independent theater in London.

The couple separated three years later, despite the fact that they formed a great professional tandem in front of the spotlights, since they starred in several advertising campaigns for one of the most traditional British luxury brands, Burberry. Still, they remain good friends.

This July, the paparrazzi photographed the actor kissing the model, presenter and designer alexa chung In the stands at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Interestingly, the couple was sitting right behind Sturridge’s ex-girlfriend, Sienna Miller.

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