Tomás Ángel is a trend in social networks due to his absence in the Colombia U-20 Selection | Colombia selection

Héctor Cárdenas gave the official call for the last microcycle in order to face the great challenge of the South American U-20. Colombia is the host and they have a tough group with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru: the group of death perhaps. The 23 summoned seem to be the ones chosen for the national team to start the road in search of qualifying for the World Cup in Indonesia, taking into account that there are four qualifiers for said World Cup event.

However, in the list of 23 players made known by the Valle del Cauca strategist, Héctor Cárdenas, a stir was generated due to the non-inclusion of one of the references in the Colombia U-20 National Team and it is nothing more and nothing less than the absence Tomás Ángel, scorer of the process that also caused surprise in public opinion.

Not only because of the name of Tomás Ángel, being the son of one of the great Colombian scorers such as Juan Pablo Ángel, Tomás gained prominence in the youth team at Esperanzas de Toulon, or better known as Maurice Revello where He also wore the captain’s headband, demonstrating the leader he is, and that, overnight, they call Jhon Jáder Durán, his main competition in the offensive zone, who for his surprising appearances with the Chicago Fire and in the Colombian National Team older, he won the league on the summoned list.

And it is that, curiously, it seems that this was the big reason why Tomás Ángel is not on the squad list. Although he has played very, very little in Atlético Nacional. In the past semester, he was only in two commitments on the pitch, and not even as a starter. He is the scorer in the U-20 process with eight goals, getting an important one from him. In fact, in Colombian journalism there is also astonishment at the non-inclusion of Tomás. Juan Felipe Cadavid wrote on Twitter, “he has merits to be in the South American, it is not a last name, it is to be the scorer of the process and by far”, he attached a table of scorers of the process, and added, “table of goals, including Revelations Cup , Raúl Coloma Cup, Esperanza de Toulon, South American Games and friendlies against the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru”.

The surprise is not only for journalists, but also for Atlético Nacional itself, which has no information about an injury or any impediment that prevents it from being in the squad. His close circle, according to Semana Magazine, does not understand his absence either, “although they respect the decision, they do not cease to be surprised. They know that it is a hard blow for the striker who will continue preparing to contribute to the club he represents and to the Colombian National Team in future opportunities.” They also add, “the main argument for leaving him off the list is the call of Jhon Jáder Durán Palacio, striker for MLS Chicago Fire, who is a competition in Ángel’s center forward position.”

Thus, it will be speculated that the ‘9’ will be Jhon Jáder Durán accompanied by Gustavo Puerta and Alexis Castillo Manyoma. The absence of Tomás Ángel will continue to be a subject to review, since it generates a lot of controversy to leave out the scorer from the process for this competition that can give a place for the World Cup in Indonesia in the Under-20 category.

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