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While the Colombian U-20 team is looking to qualify for the Final Hexagonal with Ricardo Caraballo, Juan David Fuentes and the controversial Isaac Zuleta, who is speculated to have been summoned by Héctor Cárdenas at the request of Álvaro González Álzate, leaving Tomás without a place Ángel, the scorer of this national team, received the first start of the year in an official match for Paulo Autuori at Atlético Nacional.

That it must change course to have greater continuity is the debate that has been in the magnifying glass of the people, but with very little prominence, Tomás Ángel showed the Colombian National Team that he should have been part of the call over several of the strikers who have played in the South American and without much influence.

During the South American Sub-20, the names of Ricardo Caraballo, Juan David Fuentes or Isaac Zuleta have not weighed at all and the goals have come from other players and other positions and no center forward has stood out so far. Óscar Cortés, a winger from Millonarios, is the top scorer for the national team, and Daniel Luna and Gustavo Puerta, two midfielders, have been the ones who have scored the four goals for the team led by Héctor Cárdenas. Was Tomás Ángel missing? Well, the forward, son of the Colombian soccer icon, Juan Pablo Ángel, demonstrated in just one game played in 2023 that he should have headed that list. He is one of the captains of the National Team and he has a wide scoring advantage over his teammates with eight. In addition, he has been in several of the processes.

However, there is no possibility of reversing the situation. They didn’t call him and that’s it. Tomás Ángel received his first title with Atlético Nacional at a key moment to show Héctor Cárdenas why he should have been taken into account. He played 79 minutes, and became a trend on social networks. Although he did not score goals in the solitary victory of the purslane team against Once Caldas, he had a first half to stand out. He was playing more down the middle than on the flank, and made the best play in the first 45 minutes. With his talent, he cut back in the area and before Eder Chaux was bailed out, he gave way to Óscar Perea and Santiago Jiménez appeared on the line to save the goal.

Tomás Ángel searched for space, and was one of the players who most sought association play with his teammates during the 79 minutes he played. Although he appeared as the center forward in Paulo Autuori’s lineup, he did not have as much individual prominence, as he only shot twice and they were deflected. He always thought about his team and was not individualistic by touching the ball twenty times, giving three key passes that led to a risky attack, created a dangerous action, and helped defensively by winning two balls out of four possible and one through the air from two.

With 79 minutes on top and with a good level shown despite not having much continuity, Tomás Ángel sparked controversy on social networks with a lot of comments highlighting his good performance and looking for explanations as to why he is not in the Colombia Sub Team -twenty. Héctor Cárdenas can think about not summoning a player who played little in 2022, but who is one of the benchmarks in the national team as the goalscorer of the coffee team.

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