Tomori ko, we need a reinforcement: Bailly is there, but watch out for a young man and … Bremer. Probed Theate

We need to accelerate. Without crashing, of course, but you have to push. Maldini, in the pre-match of Milan-Genoa, had held back on the incoming market, but had not foreseen Tomori’s injury, which obviously changes – and complicates! – Milan’s plans in January. A central would have arrived anyway, but now, with the English stop, which will deprive Pioli of another big shot of the defense for a month, a move will have to be made.

Bailly likes it, but a young man is also thought of
As Tuttosport underlines, Maldini and Massara, who were acting sparingly and without any haste, will now have to perform a revving. There is no shortage of ideas, but it is not easy to get the formula and figures together. The Diallo track seems to cool down (PSG wants to sell the player, but only outright), while the name of Manchester United’s Bailly remains valid. After yesterday’s confrontation between the various souls of the club, however, pay attention also to a young and futuristic profile, waiting, then, to place the shot in the summer.

Botman, Bremer and the latest Theate idea
Botman of Lille remains in Milan’s wishes, as does Bremer of Turin. Speaking of the Brazilian, it cannot be excluded – reports Tuttosport – that the talks with Turin, given the open dialogue for Pellegri, will be intensified in the coming days. Meanwhile, again for the defense, the transfer market men in via Aldo Rossi have taken information on Theate, who is showing off with the Bologna shirt.

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