Toni Costa speaks for the first time about the tattoo that was made for love of Evelyn Beltrán

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Toni Costa during his visit to “The House of the Famous” like all the participants He has talked about his private life in a different way than he has in certain interviews. For a week his Millions of followers have been able to know details of his break with Adamari López and the new relationship he has with Evelyn Beltrán.

In this sense, the Spanish dancer in a recent conversation with Niurka and Mayeli Alonso spoke of the special connection he had with Evelyn, so much so that the first week they met, they both decided to get tattooed together.

“A week after we met, we did this, see the level of madness we have”he expressed pointing to his wrist and showing the tattoo they share.

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are very much in love on social networks
Photo: Instagram @toni

in the same conversation Toni Costa mentioned how grateful he is to his girlfriend for the unconditional support she shows him in each of the dance classes that he offers in different cities of the United States, since in recent months she has been his faithful companion.

It was Evelyn Beltrán herself who shared part of the conversation that Toni had with her companions on Instagram Stories. “Never in front of you, never behind you. Always by your side”, wrote the Mexican model at the bottom of the publication.

This is the tattoo shared by Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán

Evelyn Beltrán dedicated a heartfelt message to her boyfriend Toni Costa whom he said he misses a lot, because he is confined in “The House of the Famous” and has not seen him for two weeks.

“Days like today I miss you so much so much. There are many people out here who LOVE YOU and support you BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE”she wrote at the bottom of a photo in which she appears holding her boyfriend’s hand and both show the tattoos they got together on their wrists.

Evelyn Beltrán shows off her tattoo with Toni Costa
Photo: Instagram @evelynbeltranoficial

It is a heart design with an airplane, all in black. A symbol of the multiple journeys they have made together.

“Be strong for the big dream you have to achieve! Don’t ever give up! That out here we take care of all the people who really love you”, he concluded.

Toni Costa shouts his love for Evelyn Beltrán in “The House of the Famous”

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