Toni Costa surprises Adamari López with emotional congratulations for her birthday

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Adamari López celebrated her 51st birthday this May 18 surrounded by her daughter, Alaïa, your friends, co-workers, in an incredible party in the garden of your house.

Dozens of celebrities used social networks to congratulate her on this special day, including Toni Costa, who despite being locked up in “The House of Celebrities” did not miss the opportunity to dedicate an emotional congratulations to his ex-partner.

During the gala this Wednesday, the Spanish dancer took advantage of one of the live links to the house to congratulate the mother of his daughter Alaïa.

“I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the mother of my daughter who is also celebrating her birthday today. Congratulations”, He told the hosts of the program Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gallego.

Toni Costa congratulates Adamari López on her birthday
Photo: Instagram @toni

“We join that congratulations with great affection,” they replied.

Toni Costa’s gesture surprises the inhabitants of “The House of Celebrities”

After the detail of Tony Costa, Some of his companions said they were surprised, because He demonstrated once again that despite being separated from his ex-wife for more than a year, the relationship between them is one of great respect and affection.

Niurka Marcos It was one of the inhabitants of the house who approached Toni to congratulate him on the gesture he had with Adamari López.

“I was surprised when he congratulated his girl’s mother, those details when you are upset, burned, pissed off, you don’t do them,” he mentioned.

Toni Costa demonstrated the good relationship he has with his ex for his daughter Alaïa. Photo: Instagram @toni

To which Toni told him that one of the reasons why he also congratulated Adamari Lopez It was because his daughter Alaïa, watching the television, noticed the gesture he had with her mother.

“I am happy and Besides, I also do it for my daughter because she is her mother and so my daughter has seen: ‘Ah look mommy, daddy congratulated you’. I do it for the detail too, I don’t mind doing it. Although they are not with me, I do not mind lowering myself or stepping on myself, I do not care, “he said.

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