Toni Costa to Adamari López: “I’m sorry, but it happened like this”

First, he revealed how his relationship with Adamari López faded and now Toni Costa told in the second edition of “La Casa de los Famosos” how the meeting between his partner Evelyn Beltrán and his daughter, Alaïa, was.

“It all came about because of a bunny that Evelyn gives Alaïa, a bunny from a store that inflates with I don’t know what, that has a hard heart inside and that comes with its little box that is its little house and with a diploma that is like the birth certificate,” said Adamari López’s ex-partner.

“Evelyn put that I gave it to her and says: ‘Daddy, thanks.’ So I tell him: ‘Don’t thank me, it’s daddy’s friend who gives it to you,’ ” she continued.

At that moment he felt it was time to start talking to the girl about his new partner and took the opportunity to talk.

“They spoke as normal, they spoke in English too, he explained: ‘Have you touched the little heart inside?’ ‘Yes I love it’. ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,'” the girl said, according to the Spaniard.

Toni and Adamari had reached an agreement to make this type of news known to Alaïa, although this time, everything happened in the least expected way.

“The process to let my daughter know that I had a partner was together with Adamari to go to the child psychologist, that was how we had agreed before I came here because I knew that here you can find out and everything… But one like dad feels the exact moment to do things with your children and it was like that, it was because of the bunny, I said: ‘This is mine’”, he narrated.

He said that he immediately told Adamari what had happened so that she would not be taken by surprise.

“When all this happened that afternoon, I automatically sent an audio to Adamari because I was traveling and I told him: ‘Look, this has happened, I know we had agreed on something else but the situation has turned out like this. I’m sorry, but it happened that way. I wanted to explain it to you so that you would be on the same page with me in case Alaïa tells you something because it was like this, like this and like this”, said the also Zumba instructor.

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