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Shortly after confirming their separation from Adamari Lopezthe dancer Tony Costa was romantically linked with a not very well known Evelyn Beltran. Although at first both denied that union, after months they ended up confessing that, indeed, they had started a new stage together.

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Although many users on social networks were against the new courtship, the couple continued as if nothing had happened and now they are happier than ever and everything can be seen through the different publications and comments that both write.

Moreover, recently one of those demonstrations of love on social platforms has attracted a lot of attention because the Spaniard is more in love than before and everything indicates that his relationship with the one with Mexican roots is going from strength to strength.


Some days ago, Tony Costa He uploaded a post on his Instagram account, giving hints about his possible new projects. As expected, thousands of his followers reacted to her post with likes and several favorable comments, but one stood out above the others.

And it is that his beloved, Evelyn Beltrán responded to the publication with a very affectionate message, wishing him the best of success. “The best is yet to come my love”she wrote.

It is there that Toni Costa appears again to respond to his girlfriend’s comment with words that generated a lot of tenderness and drew attention because he revealed one of his most romantic sides.

“We both know it. Thank you for being by my side at all times and supporting me, together we are unstoppable”said Adamari López’s ex.

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán shared words of love on their social networks (Photo: Instagram)
Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán shared words of love on their social networks (Photo: Instagram)


It was Tony Costa the first to reveal to -La Opinion- that his love story with Evelyn Beltran It started thanks to zumba (dance), because, thanks to it, he was able to travel to where his partner lived today.

Zumba is what gives me the opportunity to travel a lot, and so I went to teach a class in Austin, Texas, where Evelyn is from. My class started and Evelyn wasn’t there, I wasn’t expecting her either obviously because I didn’t even know her, 5 minutes later she shows up at the door, and I say: “Wow, what a brunette”, he indicated.

He also recalled that it is very common that at the end of his class there is always a memory photo of the instructor and the students. In the photo appeared Beltran along with the rest of the companions.

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