Top 10 apps to hide photos and videos on Android

If you have a habit of letting other people take your mobile in specific cases, you may feel a little uncomfortable if you have sensitive photos or videos saved on the phone.

The normal thing is that the person who is using your mobile is limited to browsing the internet or making a simple call, but the world is full of unforeseen and hateful coincidences. Below, we review some of the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android.

Top 10 Apps to Hide Private Photos and Videos on Android

Google Photos is a great tool to make backup copies of the photos that we take with the camera, and in fact, some mobiles use the Google Photos app as their default gallery app. If this is your case, you will be glad to know that you can hide the multimedia content without installing any additional app.

Google Photos

Google Photos includes a native feature called “private folder” that basically takes care of removing and hiding any photo or video that we do not want to appear in Google Photos or in any other app on the phone.

You can move any file to the private folder by long pressing on the image, and then, by clicking on the top 3-dot menu, choose “Move to private folder”. You can see the contents of this folder from “Library -> Utilities -> Private folder”.

keep safe

Keepsafe is the most popular app in the Play Store when it comes to hiding private photos and videos. The app takes care of creating a photo vault that can only be accessed by PIN or fingerprint.

Its operation is simple: you access your image gallery, share the photo or video with Keepsafe, and once saved in the vault you can delete the photo from the gallery and keep only the photo that you have sent to Keepsafe.

The application also allows you to sync photos and videos between devices from the cloud, and has some interesting extra functions, such as the automatic locking of the phone in case the screen is upside down.


Sometimes it is not necessary to install a dedicated app to hide photos, since many gallery apps already include this function as standard. One of the best in this aspect is Simple Gallery, which is enough to select an image and click on “Hide” so that it stops appearing along with the rest of the images in the gallery.

It also includes other privacy features such as the ability to password protect the app and lock specific functions (move, delete files).


LockMyPix is ​​a really efficient privacy app, with over 10 million downloads, a very high rating of 4.6 stars and the seal of quality of Google Play Pass. The tool takes care of encrypt all content using AES encryptionhiding from outside eyes all our videos and private photos.

The only way to access the content is by PIN or unlock pattern. It also presents other “tricks”, such as the possibility of creating a false PIN to avoid opening the real chest where we keep all the photos.

Calculator – Photo Vault

What at first glance seems like a simple calculator is actually a vault app to hide photos. The app can operate as a fully functional calculator, but what is really interesting is its secret photo gallery.

All the photos that we keep in the vault will be encrypted, and even if we uninstall the app, the photos are not deleted: they remain in their place with the same password, and we can recover them if we install the application again.


Private uses an AES CTR encryption system, which means that it encrypts not only the unlock password but the entire image or video file. It also allows you to create folders and subfolders to move and organize the photos to your liking.

Among other details, Privary is never visible in the list of recently used applications and it automatically locks itself when it is minimized.

Private Photo Vault

This tool became quite popular on iOS, and for a few years now it has also been available for Android. Its operation is very direct, it allows you to block the viewing of photos by protecting them with an access password.

It also has other functions such as the ability to take a photo if someone tries to access a private album, also saving the GPS location of the phone at the time of “espionage”. In addition to that, it also allows you to create decoy passwords with which the app is unlocked but the photo vault is empty.

Clock Vault

Under the guise of a simple clock with hands, we will have to move the minute hand and the hour hand so that they occupy a certain position. If we indicate the correct time, the clock is unlocked and allows us to access a private folder where all photos, videos and private files are saved.

Clock Vault also includes the typical functions of this type of tool, such as the ability to take a photo if someone tries to access it, create a decoy password, and includes both a browser and a private video player.


Sgallery is a tool to hide photos, video and all kinds of files. It also allows you to hide the application icon itself, although according to the developers themselves, it is much easier if we have root permissions.

In any case, Sgallery also allows you to camouflage yourself by changing its icon so that it looks like a calculator or a system app. Other features include the ability to close the app simply by shaking the phone, taking selfies of intruders, or creating fake access passwords that don’t show the actual contents of the secret vault.

Hide videos and photos

Create a secret vault to store private photos and videos. One of its differentiating features is that it also includes a video downloader with support for practically all kinds of formats. This way you can browse, download videos and hide them right in the app.

On top of that, it allows you to create individual PINs for each photo album, has a built-in browser, built-in video player, and SD card support.

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