Top 10 video games where you can pet the dog

Video games allow you to immerse yourself in a multitude of activities, from eating to petting an adorable dog. That being said, let’s take a look at some games that allow you to pet the dog.

We’ve reached a point in gaming where it takes more than just advanced graphics and textures to immerse the player; What sets them apart is the finer, more nuanced details.

Studios like Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games understand this and allow you to interact with the world in a very natural way, making the world feel more lived-in.

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Lately, a lot of games have started to instill this cool detail where you can press a button to pet the dog and players can’t get enough of it. While this little detail doesn’t change the progress of the game, it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Let’s take a look at 10 video games that are sure to make you smile by allowing you to pet the dog.

radioactive fallout star earthBethesda Softworks

Dogmeat is a lazy companion that is sure to brighten players’ days in the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout 4. This loyal German Shepherd acts as an optional companion that helps find hidden objects and disarm enemies.

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Initially called Dogshit, the name was later changed to Dogmeat, derived from the 1975 film A Boy and His Dog.

D Dog in Metal Gear Solid 5konami

D Dog in Metal Gear Solid 5

D-Dog, DD or Diamond Dog is as iconic as any other Metal Gear character. DD sports a cute eye patch, similar to that of his owner, Venom Snake.

Ocelot trained DD at Mother Base thinking the cub would be of some help. DD then assists players on their missions by helping to distract enemies and detect mines, which definitely makes this lazy companion worthy of some pets.

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Buckley is a dog that appears in both The Last of Us Parts 1 and 2. While he is supposed to be a guard dog, the first time Buckley greets Joel, Tommy tells him that Buckley is not a great watch dog.

You can give Buckley an unlimited number of pets in both games while calling him a good boy and scratching his ear. You can even unlock a PlayStation achievement literally called “Who’s a Good Boy?” when you pet Buckley in the first game.

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Petting a dog in rdr2RockstarGames

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a wide variety of flora and fauna, with different animals roaming the wild, from a wild horse to an adorable dog, and players can spend hours petting the dogs.

If you end up shooting a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2, your honor level goes down, even if it’s an enemy dog, showing Rockstar Games’ love for dogs.

Far Cry 6 features an adorable assortment of animal companions called friends that players can recruit to help them on their quest in Yara. These friends range from a ferocious black panther to a crocodile, all of which you can pet.

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However, among all of them, the most adorable is Chorizo, the adorable little Dachshund puppy who has a small wheelchair to support his legs, which were injured in an accident. While Chorizo ​​may not fare well in combat compared to other friends, petting him will surely outweigh any advantages other companions offer.

pet a dog in undertale

Undertale is a unique game and for a game like Undertale to have the petting option doesn’t seem far-fetched. However, it improves this feature a bit more as you have the option to pet the dog instead of fighting with it.

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Whether you choose a pacifist career or a genocidal career, killing a dog is where most players draw the line, making an encounter with a dog that much more interesting in this absurd but masterful game.

Caressing trico in the last guardian

The Last Guardian tells the story of a lost boy who befriends Trico, a legendary mythological beast. Unsure if the dog-like creature would be able to find its way out on its own, the boy pushes him through the ruins while he searches for his home.

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However, at its core, the story is simply about the journey of a boy and his dog, and interestingly, you can also pet this lazy mythological doggo.

Befriending a Robot Dog in Spider Man 2Befriending a Robot Dog in Spider Man 2

Insomniac Games hasn’t shied away from showing its love for animals, whether it’s the cat costume in Spider-Man: Miles Morales or being able to pet Kraven’s tiger in the latest Spider-Man sequel.

However, there is a side mission in Spider-Man 2 that is quite interesting, as the game puts you face to face with a hostile robot dog. However, instead of deleting it, Ganke uploads 10 million dog videos to the bot to neutralize it. The game then allows you to pet the dog and play fetch.

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Gift pets to Cerberus in HadesGift pets to Cerberus in Hades

Cerberus is a three-headed dog in Supergiant Games’ Hades who guards the underground gates to prevent the undead from leaving. As fierce and legendary as Cerberus may seem, deep down he is just an adorable doggo who loves to receive pets.

Like Trico in The Last Guardian, Cerberus is presented as a mythological ferocious beast, but deep down he just wants to be called a good boy.

Petting Mayor Setter in Alan Wake 2Petting Mayor Setter in Alan Wake 2

Throughout Alan Wake 2, a campaign for Mayor Setter is advertised, with slogans like “we won’t dwell on the issues” and “he’s not afraid of the tough questions.”

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However, to the players’ surprise, it is later revealed that the Greater Setter is in fact a very cute dog that you can pet as much as you want. This was apparently inspired by the large number of mayor dogs spread across the United States.

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