Top 10 Week of February 27: Outer Banks and We Have a Ghost remain at the top of the English-language TV Chart

Pogues go all out for what they love. For the second week in a row, the third season of Outer Banks topped the English-language television chart with 99 million hours watched. The first and second seasons also remained on the list with 34.05 and 27.75 million hours watched, respectively. New additions this week are the second season of the Sex/Life love triangle, with 43.89 million hours watched, and the second season of the fashion competition Next In Fashion, starring supermodel Gigi Hadid and designer Tan France, with 16.2 million hours viewed.

The Perfect Couple (42.66 million), The Murdaughs: Death and scandal in South Carolina (33.36 million), the fifth season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive (26.23 million) and Merlina (16.41 million hours viewed) returned to the list .

Fans embraced their fears as horror took over the top two spots on the English Language Film Chart. We Have a Ghost, the family-friendly horror film, remained at the top of the English-language film list with 42.62 million hours watched and was part of the Top 10 in 93 countries, while the suspense thriller Los Strangers had 14.57 million hours viewed. For its part, Tu Casa o la Mía held firm with 7.5 million hours viewed.

Added to the List of Foreign Language Films this week were the Polish drama Tonight You Sleep With Me (12.17 million hours watched), the Spanish romantic comedy Eres Tú (10.93 million) and the Turkish mystery Ten Days of a Good Man. (4.84 million hours viewed). The most viewed films were the Japanese drama My Name Is Chihiro, the Korean mystery Open Source, the Oscar-nominated German drama All Quiet on the Front, the Swedish military drama Black Crab and the Norwegian thriller Viking Wolf.

The Mexican thriller Triada continued to attract fans, with an additional 39.65 million hours on the Foreign Language TV Chart. Fans flocked to their favorite Korean titles, Intensive Course in Love and Physical Ability: 100, as well as Mexican drama La Reina del Sur and Italian drama La ley de Lidia Poët. Those who made the list were the second season of the Spanish series Entrevías, the German reality show Jugando con Fuego and the French docuseries El Caso Fourniret: Monique Olivier, instrument of evil.

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