Top 5 famous movies besides Justice League

Today Gal Gadot is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood thanks to her performance as Wonder Woman in the universe of DC Comics, where he won the hearts of fans with his magnificent work bringing the superheroine to life. But this has not been the only work of hers worthy of applause from her.

Although the fame of the celebrity of Israeli origin began to grow when he participated in the franchise of ‘Fast and furious‘ Since her fifth installment in the role of the beautiful Gisele Harabo, she has a long list of films in which she has proven to be a wonderful artist capable of bringing all kinds of characters to life.

Chameleonic and committed to her work, Gal Gadot has shown that she is willing to give everything for her characters, including changing her lifestyle completely to have the physical and mental abilities to get into anyone’s skin, as was the case with wonder-woman which has given it a 360° turn.

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That’s why we compiled 5 of the best films of his career in addition to ‘Justice League‘ that you can see during this week.



The film follows the story of a neurosurgeon who grafts the skills of a deceased CIA agent into the mind of a dangerous and unpredictable ex-inmate awaiting his final sentence. Being the inmate the only hope they have of stopping a sinister international conspiracy.


death on the nile

We are told about the quiet vacations in Egypt of a newlywed couple who are victims of a fatal event, where the young Linnet, played by Gal Gadot, appears lifeless during the cruise on the Nile. We follow the clues of what happened next to the detective Hercule Poirot, in charge of trying to solve the mysterious case.


Red alert

Gal Gadot in the role of Sarah Black is a seductive art thief, the most wanted of today. She is chased by Interpol agent John Hartley, who is forced to ask for help and ally himself with the most notorious art thief of all time, Nolan Booth.


My Dearest Fidel

In the midst of the Cold War, Lisa Howard was a reporter who had achieved a place and prestige in a world that until now was considered for men. The protagonist had the objective of interviewing Fidel Castro in the midst of the Cuban missile crisis. But the relationship would end up crossing the limits.


Keeping up with the Joneses

Continuing with the line of espionage, this feature film is about a couple with an ordinary life, who discovers that it is not easy to keep up with their neighbors, the Joneses. Especially when they realize that Mr. and Mrs. Jones are two spies.

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