Top 7 Alternatives to Google Drive

Google Drive is the most used cloud storage service in the world. It offers 15GB of space for free, automatic synchronization, allows you to easily share documents and is also available in various media (web, PC, mobile app).

However, privacy is not one of Google Drive’s strong points, so if you are looking for other solutions to store your files in the cloud, you may be interested in taking a look at one of these alternative platforms.

The best alternatives to Google Drive

When considering alternatives to Google Drive we also have to assess other factors in addition to privacy, such as the storage space they offer for free, as well as security when it comes to protecting our data, or the facilities they offer to synchronize and share files collaboratively.


If what you are looking for is free cloud storage space with MEGA you will see most of your needs satisfied. Free MEGA accounts get 20GB of cloud space and end-to-end encryption with user-controlled keys. MEGA is based in New Zealand, so it also complies with GPRD privacy laws. Something important to keep in mind

In addition to sharing files, it also offers other functions such as the exchange of messages, calls and video calls through a chat app that is also end-to-end encrypted.

The application is available both via the web, and on desktop computers and mobile phones. The cheapest premium plan is the Pro Lite, which offers 400GB of storage and 1TB of transfer, with automatic backups and version control.

Visit the MEGA website


OneDrive is Microsoft’s equivalent of Google’s storage service. In terms of privacy, it has more or less the same shortcomings as Google Drive, but also many of its advantages: a free plan (in this case 5GB), office tools (the free web version of Office with Word, Excel, etc.), automatic synchronization of the photos that we take with the mobile, etc.

There is also a mobile version available and another for PC, as well as the possibility of protect important files with identity verification. At a collaborative level we can also share and work in real time on a document with the Office apps.

The paid versions of OneDrive start at €2/month with 100GB of storage, although we can also opt for more powerful plans such as Microsoft 365 Personalwith 1TB of space and various extras like the full Office suite.

Visit the OneDrive website


Although Tresorit is not as well known as the platforms just mentioned, it is one of the safest and most private What can we currently find? The main star feature of it is the military grade encryption that it employs as well as its public key cryptography.

All files are encrypted before they are uploaded to the cloud and leave our device, which means that no one can see their content, not even Tresorit employees. According to the company itself, they are willing to give $50,000 to the first one who manages to break their encryption system, something that has not yet happened with the more than 1,000 hackers who have tried.

Unlike Google Drive, when you share a link with Tresorit, the app generates a secret key unique to that person, making it much more difficult to steal authorship from a document. In addition, this also allows us to know when and how many times a file has been downloaded.

Tresorit is available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. The cheapest plan is priced at €9.99 per month, with 1TB of storage and a maximum limit of 10GB per file.

Visit the Tresorit website


Box is a cloud storage platform geared towards businesses, although it also offers individual plans for personal use. The cheapest is the free plan, which puts at our disposal 10GB of cloud storage (with file upload limit of 250MB).

Being a tool whose main focus is the corporate world, security is one of its key points. It has two-step authentication, secure file sharing, protection against data loss, application of the company’s password policy and even integration with corporate tools, in addition to being compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace even in its free version .

Personal plans start at €9 per month, with 100GB of storage and 5GB of file uploads, with 10 versions of the same file saved in the history. As for the business plans, the cheapest is the “Business” plan, with a price of €13.50 per month per user with unlimited storage.

Visit the Box website

drop box

Alongside OneDrive and Google Drive, Dropbox is one of the Big 3 cloud storage services. A safe and very popular bet without a doubt for those who want to leave the Google ecosystem, although there are not many differences in terms of privacy. Of course, it has authentication in two steps.

Dropbox’s free plan offers 2GB free storage, although there are also premium versions starting at €9.99 per month with 2TB of space for our files. Dropbox is available on Windows and Mac, Android and iOS, and also in a web version.

At the productivity level, it does not have office applications such as Google Drive and OneDrive, but it does have a version history that allows retrieve the previous version of a document and it also offers the possibility to restore any deleted file within a period of 30 days. Which is not bad at all.

Visit the Dropbox website


Like Tresorit, pCloud is a security-oriented cloud storage service. This platform developed in Europe offers 256-bit AES encryption for our filesboth when they are on our device and when we upload them to the pCloud servers.

The platform also has several ISO quality and information security certifications, as well as two-factor authentication and a function called “extended file history”, which records all changes made to a file for up to 365 days.

For the rest, it also allows you to share files, invite users to shared folders and obtain detailed statistics of the links that we share. As an extra, mention that it also includes other security layers, such as TLS/SSL channel protection and an additional level of encryption for the most sensitive data.

pCloud has a free 10GB plan. The cheapest premium plan is the annual subscription of €49.99 (less than €5 per month) that gives us access to 500GB of storage, 500GB of traffic for our links and 30 days of history for the recycle bin. Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Visit the pCloud website


Sync is a storage service based in Canada, a country with more restrictive laws regarding user privacy when compared to the US (home of other apps like Google Drive OneDrive).

The Sync app offers 5GB of free storage, with client-side data encryption, two-step authentication, and great file sharing.

One of its strengths is everything related to file sharing: allows you to set expiration dates for linksset download limits and even a read-only mode (no download possible).

Of course, it should be noted that these advanced file sharing features are only available in premium plans. In this sense, the cheapest paid subscription starts at $8 per month, with 2TB of cloud storage.

Sync is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, although its mobile version can be a bit frustrating, so it seems more advisable to opt for the desktop version.

Visit the Sync website

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