‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The economic benefit that accompanies its success would not be reaching the film team

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is being an exaggerated success, especially in the United States, although in Spain it has also managed to stay. across the pond this sequel to ‘Top Gun. Ídolos del aire’ is still in the top 10 and in our country it remains in 16th place at the box office after 116 days in theaters. Thus, more than three months after its successful premiere, this film headed by Tom Cruise, which is now available on digital platforms and has entered the top 5 of the highest grossing films in history in the domestic market; continues to attract viewers to the cinema, with the economic benefit that this entails..

  Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun: Maverick'

More than 700 million dollars has been collected by ‘Maverick’ in the United States, a figure that rises to almost 1,500 million worldwide, an exorbitant amount of money that would be the cause of certain friction between Paramount and the team that worked on the development of the film. Fortune.com echoes a problem that can be sensed from practically every corner of the television industry: the cinema and the world of streaming have not found a crystalline point in which to move. In a time when the exhibition windows are not what they were, entertainment workers question whether the studios are being honest in sharing profits.

In the case of Paramount, the aforementioned medium cites as the cause Epix, a cable television channel with which the studio would have closed an agreement that ‘harms’ the producers of its films. Many of the stars and crew, including Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock, who recently starred in and produced ‘The Lost City’; they believe they are asking for millions of dollars due to the aforementioned deal. The reason would be none other than the suspicion that part of the profits that they should receive from the licenses to third parties would not be materializing. Let us remember that the singing voices of the blockbusters not only receive a previously agreed salary for their participation in a film, but they also receive a percentage of digital sales and said licenses to third parties, among other issues.

The point is that Paramount’s movie profit participants believe their profits are below what they should be. because the studio receives less from Epix than other studios receive in similar deals. Talent reps have met with Paramount to ask for extra money, according to Fortune’s sources, but no lawsuits have been filed so far.

looking for options

Fortune points out that neither Paramount nor representatives of Cruise or Bullock have wanted to comment at the moment, but that the lawyers for producers and talent are already looking for a way to solve the matter in the most appropriate way possible. One possibility is that the Hollywood unions take action, not least because the unions also benefit from the success of these films. Both sides would prefer to avoid a lawsuit, but recent cases show that sometimes that’s the only way. For example, AMC was forced to pay 200 million dollars to one of the creators of ‘The Walking Dead’and Fox ended up throwing millions on a certain dispute with the workers of the series ‘Bones’.

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