Top iHerb Wellness Trends for 2023

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The doctor Michael Murray ND. forecasts rising wellness trends for 2023 on popular iHerb blog

PASADENA, Calif., January 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iHerb, the largest e-commerce platform dedicated to vitamins, minerals and supplements, has turned to the doctor michael murrayone of the leading authorities on dietary supplements and natural products, to share his thoughts on the top health and wellness trends likely to gain popularity in 2023. The full wellness prediction can be found on the iHerb blogthe reference guide with advice from accredited contributors on what’s new and what’s next for living well.

Trend #1: Changing approach to consumer health and wellness

Immune health has been a top focus since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but recent surveys indicate that other priorities are rising as well. In a survey of more than 5,000 consumers in seven countries, the top concerns were sleep quality and stress, as well as brain health and function. In the blog post you will find Dr. Murray’s recommendations on the best supplements for each of these health problems.

Trend #2: More people are about to discover the power of protein

Market data shows that the protein powder and amino acid segment is the fastest growing in the supplement category. It is not only the growing number of sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders that is driving this growth, but also the consumers who buy collagen protein products to help promote the health and beauty of the skin from within. Dr. Murray notes that collagen is the fastest growing protein, and that consumers are also increasingly buying vegan proteins (pea, hemp, pumpkin, soy, rice, etc.) and whey, casein and egg protein powders.

Trend #3: Non-pill forms of supplements will become increasingly popular

Traditional tablets and capsules will continue to be the preferred option, but consumers are also increasingly looking for tablet-free alternatives. According to Nutrition Business Journal, in 2021, more than 60% of dietary supplement purchases were in non-tablet forms, such as gummies, chews, powders and tablets, surpassing tablet sales for the first time. In the article, Dr Murray explains why gummies, in particular, are leading the way in this growth, and how we can expect them to continue to increase, with the most significant trend being the growth of vegan gummies in particular.

Trend #4: Mushroom-based products are flourishing

The global market for healthy mushrooms is estimated to exceed $25 billion and is expected to grow by more than 10% per year for the next eight years. This growth represents the significant increase in popularity of functional mushrooms as foods and dietary supplements due to their numerous health benefits. Dr. Murray predicts that Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail will increase in popularity, in addition to the well-known shiitake and reishi, and why within his trend forecast.

Trend #5: Sustainable hydration products are on the rise

Another emerging trend that Dr. Murray points to is the rise in popularity of effervescent electrolyte blends used to enhance water and promote hydration, which he cites on the blog as one of the fastest growing types of dietary supplements. These hydration products are available in both tablets and powdered drink mixes, and serve as an alternative to ready-to-drink electrolyte hydration drinks in waste-generating single-use plastic bottles. Historically, electrolyte drinks and supplements have been used by athletes for recovery, and are now also used by general consumers to provide functional ingredients.

More healthy living tips from iHerb’s team of fellow health experts can be found at Launched in 2017, the iHerb blog features over 1,500 articles from over 100 accredited contributors, from doctors and nurses to dermatologists, registered dietitians, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and more. Professionally translated into 14 languages ​​and having generated over 10 million visitors in 2022, the iHerb blog is a great resource for all things health and wellness.

About iHerb: We are the largest e-commerce retailer in the vitamin, mineral and supplement category, with a growing presence in other areas of consumer health and wellness. Trusted by millions of people in more than 185 countries, we offer a select portfolio of branded and innovative third-party and proprietary products at the best possible price, delivered conveniently and directly to our customers.

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