‘Top of the Lake’, four reasons to watch the summer series for free

Crimes, cold cases, serial killers… The thriller It has become one of the great bets of digital fiction platforms. Movies and series are stained black with addictive detective and police stories, but not all are the same. An example of this is the series Top of the Lakethe latest great phenomenon of the genre that this year has been incorporated into the catalog of RTVE Play and that can be seen for free and without subscriptions on this platform.

Few series can have the brilliance of being considered “cult” from its first season, but Top of the Lake It has all the ingredients for it. Co-created and written by the Oscar-winning New Zealand director Jane Campionthis stellar series stars Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men Y The Handmaid’s Tale).

Under the skin of Robin Griffin, Moss becomes a detective who has returned to her hometown of Laketop, New Zealand, to visit her ailing mother. While she’s there, she agrees to help out on a case involving a pregnant 12-year-old girl named Tui Mitcham (Jacqueline Joe).

This dark thriller with a social background is now available on RTVE Play free and online. In case the argument still does not convince you enough, we give you several reasons not to miss it.

At the hands of filmmaker Jane Campion

The New Zealand director, winner of an Oscar for the power of the dogJane Campion is the mind behind Top of the Lake. This dark thriller is his first television series after more than 30 years dedicated to cinemaproduced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman (The king’s speech). His first short film, An exercise in discipline: Peel (1982), earned him the Palme d’Or for best short film at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival.

His particular gaze runs through the entire series. Top of the Lake it delves, through a story about detectives, into deeper and more universal themes. Like series like Mare of Easttown, what moves its characters is more than the intrigue of the case, personal traumas underlie the story, empathy is addressed and a powerfully intimate plot unfolds.

She is one of the most important women filmmakers in the world. GTRES

Guided by the talent of Elisabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, mad man) is the protagonist of that story. The actress gets into the skin of detective Robin Griffin, a woman with a shady past who tries to start a new life by solving this case. Elilsabeth Moss shines playing a complex character characterized by a strong personality, obsession with work and emotions, which become the engine for her to forget her traumas.

Both detectives investigate the disappearance of Tui

The cast completes three other great movie stars. David Wenham (The Lord of the rings) plays Detective Al Parker, Lake Top’s old-fashioned local police chief who also runs a bar where he gives second chances to the town’s young delinquents.

For its part, peter mullan (Westworld) is Matt Mitcham, the father of the missing girl, Tui Mitcham (Jacqueline Joe). And Thomas M. Wright (Everest, Outsiders) is Johnno Mitcham, Matt’s youngest son and former boyfriend of Robin Griffin’s youth who returns to Lake Top after serving 10 years in prison for drug possession.

A social perspective: gender violence

Campion’s work is mainly about motivating public opinion through important issues for society. In Top of the Lakebean of the gender violence and sexual assaults in a sinister and dark universe, but very narrative and rich in the depth of its characters. It is a disturbing series that keeps the viewer in suspense due to its audiovisual language as well as its intense dramatic moments or its dialogues.

Five reasons to see ‘Top of the Lake’ on RTVE Play

Five reasons to watch the series ‘Top of the Lake’ on RTVE Play RTVE

The series could go through a novel in the most classic black literature and awakens the most intimate drama of the protagonist, Robin Griffin, who relives some of her traumas due to the intense emotional connection she has with this case. The director knows how to channel the story with a balance between both stories and their respective subplots.

Top of the Lakesuspense ‘on the surface’

The dark past of Griffin and the misty environment are palpable from the first episode of the series, which takes Lake Top as its central axis, the place where Tui Mitcham was last seen before he disappeared, the water being frozen . The story hooks… and a lot! Some in networks recommend dosing it…

Of course, Champion builds an atmosphere of suspense that is very difficult to escape. The soundtrack, the plot and a very solid script are hypnotic elements and remain at the same level throughout the entire story. A crime that Elisabeth Moss will try to unravel despite the obstacles she encounters. Don’t miss the thriller of the summer!

A dark ‘thriller’ about the disappearance of a pregnant girl

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