Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

The world of content on YouTube is very close, but many creators have managed to go far, they have conquered the algorithm, proof of this is this top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America.

Millions of people consume their travel content, tutorials, games, beauty tips or simply want to know what they do and how they live. This is a new era of entertainment and YouTube has managed to open its own segment within that universe, which is why many people are making money by posting content on their platform.

There is no exact parameter, nor is there a specific amount of money that youtubers earnbecause your income will depend on the advertisers that you decide to choose your content niche to show your products, the more they pay, the better your income will be.

These are the youtubers that earn the most money in the world

But in this list that we will show you below, you have the count of those who are earning the most money in Latin America.

Luisito Communicates

Image - Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

We start with the most popular of all and the one that has made the most money from YouTube, but also the one that has best known how to reinvest it and take advantage of its own brand, it is the well-known Luisito Comunica, whose real name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudekof Mexican origin.

Since 2019 he has become popular for his extravagant trips to China, for example, but the truth is that before reaching his more than 40 million subscribershis life as an influencer was not what it is now.

His channel was born in 2012 under the name “Piano for cool people” and I had it as a kind of hobby, in fact there you could see all kinds of content, from tutorials of many things, to covers of songs, but with very little interest.

Then started creating humorous content on the streetwith interviews and walks through Mexico, which made him begin to add followers, but the video that made him rise to fame in 2018 was “Trying street food in China” which already has almost 70 million views in 5 years.

According to the Net Worth Spot site, Luisito Comunica has a fortune of almost 14 million dollarsonly in earnings from his channel, but he also has a telephone operator, a restaurant, published a book and owns a tequila factory, which adds several more zeros to his bank accounts.

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In second place is the Chilean YouTuber Germán Garmendiaknown for his channel Hi, I’m Germán and then by Juega Germán. This character has always been dedicated to transmitting and presenting video games, humorous content, tricks and video game tutorials, everyday situations and a lot of youthful content.

On each of your channels has managed to break the barrier of 40 million followerswhich has allowed them to accumulate a lot of money during their career as content creators.

With his channel Juega Germán, according to the Cash Net Usa site, The youtuber accumulates earnings that exceed 28 million dollars and, although his Hola Soy Germán channel has not had new content for six years, it continues to bill and produces more than 1.5 million dollars a year. In other words, this creator has managed to amass more than 30 million dollars with his content.

Alex Store

Image - Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

Now it is the turn of another character, also Mexican, but who became very popular due to his trips to places in conflict and in moments of effervescence, such as Venezuela, it is about Alex Shop.

The most popular video of this character was his trip to Angel Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the world and is located in Canaima, Venezuela. This was enough for him to continue making several trips to the Latin American country and realize that being there was an important niche.

The versions about their income vary, although many specialized web pages indicate that the value of your channel on YouTube can be between 200 thousand and 300 thousand dollars. The Net Worth Spot site points out that his earnings on YouTube accumulate 1.5 million dollarsbut to that we must add the sponsorship earnings and the different ventures that the influencer has, both in his native Mexico and in Venezuela.

Oscar Alexander

Image - Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

In this count follows Óscar Alejandro, a Venezuelan living in the United States who started his journey helping Alex Tienda, but then he made a separate shop to create his own content and he succeeded.

Although his concept is very similar to the travel vlogs of the previous members of this listits objective is to show the reality of the place you visit and show curious things that you surely did not know.

After the pandemic, he traveled to his native Venezuela and took a tour to find out how much money a person could earn doing home delivery, a commercial activity that grew in most countries after the arrival of the virus. Recently, she took a trip to El Salvador, a nation that has given much to talk about due to its recent political changes.

Currently, Óscar Alejandro has more than one million and a half subscribers on your channel. According to the Net Worth Spot site, has managed to accumulate earnings of more than 1.2 million dollarsplus the sponsorships that he has been able to sign and without quantifying his earnings so far in 2023.


Image - Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

Mexico is the largest producer of youtubers, proof of this is that another of the great stars of the platform in Latin America is Yuya, whose real name is Mariand Castrejón Castañeda and is originally from Cuernavaca. The content on her channel is about fashion, personal care, health and beauty.

Although he has several businesses, the truth is that the online video star has managed to capitalize on 40 million subscribers on his channelwhich launched in 2009, although its growth began in 2015.

As a result of her success, the creator announced her own brand of beauty products and has published two books. According to Net Worth Spot, this creator has managed to earn more than 1.6 million dollars a year and has accumulated a fortune of more than 15 million dollars.

Kimberly Loaiza

Image - Top youtubers that earn the most money in Latin America

We close this list with the Mexican Kimberly Loaiza, an influencer, singer and model who has managed to attract interest on YouTube and that has turned into a lot of money. Although the beginnings of it were on Twitter, in 2016 he created his channel on the platform and has since managed to amass over 40 million subscribers.

The content she publishes is specially designed for the female audience, she talks about makeup, hair care, body care and fashion advice. According to the Net Worth Spot site, has managed to accumulate earnings of more than 8 million dollarswithout counting sponsorship agreements and private activities.

Although he has little time on YouTube, if compared to Yuya, he has managed to rack up very close earnings to what the other influencer has achieved, despite having content that can generate competition.

These are the most important Youtubers from Latin America and who make more money inside the platform.

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