Tornado Sofia! First victory in Lake Louise, a devastating Goggia starts again from … red

Anthology performance of the Bergamo champion in the first seasonal descent, the gaps on all rivals are abysmal. And Nadia Delago gives herself the best result of her career, with her sister Nicol returning to the top and also hitting the top ten!

A devastating performance, a dominance that continues in the wake of what we saw last season, when four wins and a second place in the five races disputed in the World Cup had come up to Garmisch’s injury.

Sofia Goggia starts from her red bib and is a real tornado in the first seasonal appointment with speed: the first hurray of the Olympic champion in Lake Louise takes on devastating proportions, just look at the gaps trimmed to those who get on the podium alongside the Bergamo, or Breezy Johnson and Mirjam Puchner who pay the beauty of 1 ”47 and 1” 54 respectively.

Down with the bib n ° 5, super Goggia immediately “killed” the race, with that second and a half on the American who immediately seemed a sentence for the victory n ° 12 in CdM (9th downhill), as said the first in Canada five years after that double podium (2nd downhill and 3rd in super-g) of 2016 which had been the only acute one in these parts. The current superiority of the Italian champion, however, is truly incredible if we also think that today’s was the first downhill run by Sofia since the end of January, that is, from the double in Crans-Montana and the following injury in Garmisch.

The fourth classified, and we are talking about Ramona Siebenhofer who started with number 1, finishes at almost 2 seconds (1 “96 to be precise), with the first of the Swiss, Corinne Suter, 5 ^ at 2” 02 and ahead of only 7 cents to a splendid Nadia Delago, sixth and again at the best result of her career.

But what a splendid return of his sister Nicol, in the pits at a competitive level for over 21 months and capable of a great eighth place, 2 “16 from Goggia and just a cent behind Conny Huetter, seventh (applause also to the Austrian, first real “healthy” season after years full of injuries).

Followed by Jasmine Flury, 9 ^ to 2 “31, and the disappointed of the day who respond to the names of Weidle, Tippler, Ledecka (12th), but also Lara Gut-Behrami, 17 ^ to 2” 74 and in less than ideal physical conditions, and Mikaela Shiffrin who, despite returning to the discipline after almost two years, probably expected much more than the 26th time with 3 ”60 behind.

Only applause for Nicole Schmidhofer, returning after the terrible accident in Val d’Isère: the Austrian champion did not hit the top 30 (4 “62 the gap, just under 7 tenths of a second for the points), but what he did in less than a year is simply extraordinary.

Three athletes up front for the Italjet in pink, but also a Federica Brignone who arrives less than a tenth from the top ten, finishing 13th at 2 “41, while Elena Curtoni has to be satisfied with 22nd place (at 3” 25 ) and Francesca Marsaglia (32nd), Roberta Melesi (34th) and Karoline Pichler (46th) fail to collect points beyond 4 seconds.

On Saturday, again at 20.30 Italian time, the bis descent. And the most awaited woman will always be her, with the red bib …



1st Sofia Goggia in 1’46 “95

2nd Breezy Johnson + 1 ”47

3rd Mirjam Puchner + 1 ”54

4th Ramona Siebenhofer + 1 ”96

5th Corinne Suter + 2 ”02

6th Nadia Delago + 2 ”09

7th Cornelia Huetter + 2 ”15

8th Nicol Delago + 2 “16

9th Jasmine Flury + 2 “31

10th Kira Weidle + 2 ”32

13th Federica Brignone + 2 ”41

22nd Elena Curtoni + 3 ”25

32nd Francesca Marsaglia + 4 ”14

34th Roberta Melesi + 4 ”54

46th Karoline Pichler + 5 ”62

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