Toronto Festival keeps the excitement going on the high seas

The first post-pandemic edition of the Toronto Festival is starting tomorrow, one worried veteran. Aside, The Canadian competition competes with the Venice Film Festival.with whom he steps into his last weekend (Venice ends on the 9th, Toronto opens on the 7th) and with whom studio blockbusters were played when Alberto Barbera began working hard for American cinema.

At the same time, Cameron Bailey-led team starts looking at Telluride (from August 31 to September 4) as a serious option for the future HITS — more or less independent — that will populate the billboards of the fall season. We were short when the actors joined the writers strike and stopped going to premieres and red carpets and premieres started getting delayed.

In spite of everything, the Toronto Festival wants to maintain the spirit of the festival and starts tomorrow Totally face-to-face version and the average number of films is somewhat lower than in previous years. (from 260 titles to 200 in 2022), but not even around the massive cut at the Berlin Festival.

(Richard Linklater’s irreverent comedy makes a splash at Venice Film Festival)

Cameron Bailey puts attitude above everything else and tells the press “We have to tell a story, that the celebration is going to happen and it’s going to be great”Despite logistical disruptions, he qualified, given the circumstances. Whether it’s truly great or not will depend on the privileged position that Toronto holds as the North American showcase for the best of independent and commercial cinema.

Most Anticipated Films of Toronto Film Festival

The festival will open with a film highly anticipated by cinephiles following its premiere in Japan last July and with virtually no advertising: boy and heron Of Hayao Miyazaki, which will arrive at the San Sebastian Festival in a few weeks. It is known that Miyazaki will not enter either contest (it is believed, now, to be his last film).

More big releases that will hit Spanish cinemas during the autumn and winter season, and that follow Miyazaki in expectations: among others, the Christmas drama Alexander Payne people who livestarring Paul Giamatti (comes from Telluride), and flora and sonnew music from John Carney ,sing road), bought by Apple at Sundance.

Flora and Son by John Carney

great korean performance of concrete utopia with lee byung-hun ,squid game) And Park Seo Joon ,parasite), which we will see in Sitges, or ReadingPhotographer Lee Miller’s biopic with a protagonist Kate Winslet Designed for the Oscars. we will also talk a lot win the next roundnew comedy taika waititi ,jojo rabbit), who continues his haughty charades with the uninspired coach of American Samoa, played by Michael Fassbender. and of Dix: The Musicalnonsense based on broadway play identical twins And it’s already historic, just for being A24’s first musical (he directs). larry charlesbehind it Borat,

are among the expected “indie” hits lulu wang ,the farewell), which will present the first of nine films about the migrant situation that will be released by Amazon Prime Video and has been named immigrants, with Nicole Kidman. Finally, Paul Dano and Seth Rogen Will Shut Down the GameStop Scam coup on wall streetOf Craig Gillespie, “Finally”, of course: We’ve compiled a list that will include all the greats

hit from the European festival circuit.

Two great series stand above the rest: the light you can’t seeNew series from the creator of peaky blinders with Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie, and a romance between Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson Alice and JackCollaboration between Victor Levin (Mad Man) and Juho Kuoosmannen (compartment #6,

Worrying lack of stars and Spanish news

Although Toronto only had a few more weeks left, Neither the studios nor the unions have reached an agreement that allows the Canadian red carpet to go on as normal. Thus, although most of the films were presented (70%, count). screendaily) are “independent productions”, the absence glaring as much as the confirmation of occurrence.

(Manuel Pérez Estremera, leading figure of Spanish cinema, dies at 78)

To date, Sean Penn, Dakota Johnson (they are together Grandmothers), Finn Wolfhard and Viggo Mortensen (now as directors, with Wolfhard making his film debut), Jessica Chastain (for Memory by Michelle Franco), Maya Hawke (Op. wild catby Ethan Hawke) and Nicolas Cage, A Dream Auditor dream landscape,

Nicolas Cage in ‘Dream Scenario’

nor does Anna Kendrick, who is making her directorial debut lady of time (about the serial killer who participated in the program in the seventies dating game), nor does Cate Blanchett, producer of several films in the competition, plan to participate. Nor will Amanda Seyfried, who herself has declined to present the world premiere. seven curtainsdirector Atomic Egoyan, The ScreenDaily numbered list of absentees includes Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Annette Bening, Glen Powell and Chris Pine.

Pedro Almodovar, Festival Honor AwardPerhaps the most recognizable Spanish presence in an edition that includes major Spanish competitors, but features few new features compared to other international festivals.

We will attend the world premiere of the opening of Siemens, film accountant Of lone sherfig ,kindness of strangers) with Antonio de la Torre, Berenice Bejo and Daniel Brühl, and co-written Isabel Coixet, or hornsOf Zion Camborda in the wavelength section, and they shot the pianistwith whom Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal then return to animation boy and rita (He would later compete in San Sebastian).

They attend hits like Cannes close your eyesOf Victor Aris, yellow cocoon inside the shell Of pham thienen (Catalan Faston Films is a co-producer with Vietnam, France and Singapore) or robot dreams Of Paul Berger. the snow society Of Jae Beyoncéwhich kicks off the Mostra and Latin co-production open skydirector Mariana and Santiago ArriagaThey are the two national representatives of Venice.


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