Tory Lanez admits that Drake and The Weeknd have refused him a featuring for years

Tory Lanez has he been banned from the industry, following the Megan Thee Stallion affair? If nothing indicates it officially, the singer has however confirmed to have suffered constant refusals from his Canadian colleagues Drake and The Weeknd each time he asked them for a featuring.

Tory Lanez receives categorical refusals

No need to fantasize: no collaboration between Tory Lanez, Drake and The Weeknd is on the agenda. The Canadian artist having confirmed it on Twitter, claiming to have nevertheless repeatedly asked his two colleagues to join him on new titles: “I’ve been sending them songs for years… But neither of them responds. »

Visibly moved on, Lanez will confirm in the process that he does not need the support of the two superstars to defend his upcoming project. Sorry 4 What. A feeling shared by his fans: “Honestly, he doesn’t need it… He’s much more talented. He is himself, while [Drake et The Weeknd] have gone mainstream. »

Another loyal Canadian will suggest that Champagne Papi and the interpreter of Blinding Lights could be downright intimidated: “They are intimidated by your talents. »

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