Totally disappointed with the renewal of the MOVES plan to help buy electric vehicles.

This morning the Spanish government had to approve the extension of the quarantine period. electric vehicle assistance plan. The update was expected to include new features that will bring greater dynamism to the sector, as demanded by the industry and consumers. But in the end, the manager confirmed his complete indifference to the sector, continuing MOVEMENT Plan III which has demonstrated its absolute ineffectiveness.

At the moment, the details of this extension are not officially known, but according to internal government sources, MOVES will be extended simply through budgetary allocations, without making major demands.

On the one hand, it was required that the help was directwhich saves the client from having to advance 100% of the cost of the car and then wait months or years to receive a transfer from the administration.

On the other hand, industry has demanded that this assistance will not affect personal income tax. The amount that must be returned on the tax return and which eats up a significant portion of the stated aid.

There will also be no news regarding company carswhich account for around 60% of registrations and where it was proposed, as is the case in other markets such as Portugal, companies could deduct 100% of VAT on the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Another front opened by the current system was distribution of funds by geographyresulting in budgets being met earlier in the regions with the highest sales, slowing down many sales while other territories remain under budget.

According to the IDAE, of the 1.200 million funds allocated to the program in recent years, a total of 1.068 million euros have been allocated to the various autonomous communities. In this picture, the files have already been resolved (does not mean collected) They don’t even reach 60% of the total budget.

Spain is at the tail end of Europe

This movement contradicts, for example, the changes that have been made Italywhich, starting in June of this year, has been implementing an assistance program for the purchase of electric vehicles, which is one of the most advanced and ambitious in Europe.

Thus, clients have at their disposal 6000 euros to buy an electric car. If the pre-tax cost of the car is less than €30,000, this figure increases to 7500 euros8,000 euros if we scrap a Euro5 car, and so on until we get to 13,750 euros maximum assistance to those who recycle a Euro 0, 1 or 2 car.

The most interesting thing, without a doubt, is that These funds will be direct. Customers will be able to request them from the dealer, who will be responsible for processing and collecting them, offering a discounted price. All they have to do is make a reservation, confirm availability of funds, and then retain ownership of the vehicle for at least 12 months.

This means that Spain will become country with the lowest percentage of sales in major marketsmoving further and further away from the leaders, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany or Portugal, the list to which everything points will be completed by Spain, which will be adjacent to Eastern European states such as Romania or Bulgaria.

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