Tottenham wants to steal a ‘crack’ from Barça

Fewer and fewer players are labeled “untouchable” at FC Barcelona, especially now that the club is experiencing a delicate financial situation and has big problems with financial ‘fair play’. Ferran Torres is one of the players who is being watched with a magnifying glass… and for whom offers have recently arrived.

The 22-year-old player has not finished exploding at the Camp Nou Spotify and his role has been questioned at all times. Despite the fact that he is a player who is capable of making a difference, he has not finished establishing himself and, in fact, he lost his status as the undisputed starter in Xavi Hernández’s XI. That Barça have him in the sales window would not be any surprise, despite the fact that they trust him.

However, he is a player with a market and who, due to his age, has raised interest in different clubs. ‘’ He recently explained that Tottenham is the team most interested in his transfer and that they have made an offer to Barça that does not exceed 35 million eurosan amount that the club considers to be much lower than what Torres is really worth.

Market option?

Antonio Conte would have asked for the incorporation of the man from Foios, in the midst of his Tottenham’s need to get an attacker who can enter rotation. Lucas Moura is at the starting gate and there is not a player who could be present for Richarlison or Harry Kane. Ferran’s versatility, who can play in all three attacking positions, it draws a lot of attention.

However, in the event that Barça decide to sell him (right now it doesn’t seem very possible), they will not do so for any price. It is worth remembering that, barely a year ago, The club reached an agreement with Manchester City for its transfer for a fixed 55 million plus another ten in variables. The payment is in installments and from Barcelona they would not consider leaving for a lower amount.

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