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One of the most beloved sagas by moviegoers is that of “Harry Potter”.. Since it became a literary success, the film versions suffered the same fate and are currently among the films most remembered by the general public. Therefore, it is not surprising that touring London following the tracks of Harry Potter is one of the main reasons for visiting the English capital. in cinematopsailwe propose the main keys to immerse yourself in this magical universe and experience first-hand some of the most emblematic places of the famous franchise. From the famous Platform 9 ¾ to the Warner Bros. studio, with a large part of the film sets and one of the essential places in the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter in London
Photo of Platform 9 and 3/4 (London in Spanish)

City tour

The creator of this magical universe, JK Rowling, was inspired by several real places in the London city to give free rein to her imagination. Whereby, One of the proposals to live the Harry Potter experience is to take a tour of different places that, for fans of the saga, will be very easy to identify. The first of them is the Platform 9 and 3/4 , is located at King’s Cross Station. You can take a photo with the famous cart, either with your mobile or a professional photo that will be taken by those responsible for the official Harry Potter store. It should be noted that it is one of the most visited attractions. Afterwards, you can enter Covent Garden to find Bedfordbury Alley, which will remind us of the famous courtyard of the Leaky Cauldron.

Next, Cecil Court Street is impregnated with the essence of the Diagon Alley, since Rowling was inspired by this street for the creation of this place. Also, in the Australia House building, inside, you can see what could be the Gringotts Bank, although to see a facade similar to the famous bank you would have to go to the South African embassy in Trafalgar Square. Just off Trafalgar Square, on Scotland Place, you can see the place where you access the Ministry of Magic, although without cabin. Lastly, in Oxford you can visit Christ Church College, where you will see the inspiration for the Big dining room and other parts of the movie. In addition, also in Oxford, at Balliol University College, you can visit the Bodleian Library, which takes us directly to the hogwarts infirmary.

Hardys Candy Store
Hardys store photo (I can travel)

magical shops

If we have previously mentioned the Official Harry Potter London Store at King’s Cross Station, we can also go shopping to further introduce us to the world of Harry Potter in London. This store is considered the best to buy merchandising from the saga, since it even has exclusive collections, which are not sold elsewhere. Later, another interesting store to visit and buy is hardys candy store, in Leicester Square. Apart from being the Honeydukes store in the Hodsmeade town where the secret passageway to Hogwarts was located, in real life you can buy all kinds of flavored dragees and chocolate frogs.

Lastly, mention the Warner Bros studio store of London, where after the visit of the studios, you can go to two stores where there will be all kinds of merchandising. From wands and Hogwarts uniforms to goodies that come in the same design as the wizarding world. It also has exclusive editions and interesting gifts to enjoy the magical world more.

Theater of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

One of the most interesting attractions of living Harry Potter in London is the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, which has been in the London capital since 2016. This show is a direct sequel to the original story, albeit with our protagonists much more grown up than in the book and movie saga. Divided into two parts, it is at the Palace Theater in the West End. The play is set 19 years after the end of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Thus, Harry Potter is an employee of the Ministry of Magic, concentrating the story on the life of the wizard’s second son, Albus Severus Potter. Both characters must fight with the slab that burdens them, one for being a legend, while the other must face family fame.

Divided into two parts, it is one of the most original proposals, given that since there is no film version, it is a way of reliving the story of Harry Potter and, moreover, live. It is true that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are not in the cast, but the actors who have picked up the baton in their stage version have received great reviews from both the press and the general public. An experience with which you will live in the first person the return to Hogwarts, as well as going to a play in the legendary West End of London.

Harry Potter in London
Photo of The Cauldron (Official Website)

Brew your own potion at “The Cauldron”

If you are one of those who likes to live the experience in the first person, during your visit to Harry Potter in London you cannot miss an appointment with the bar “The Cauldron”. Located on Stoke Newington Road, North London, this bar allows visitors to become true magicians while enjoying a highly original cocktail. As soon as you enter the place, you can see that the setting and staging is typical of the magical world of Potter. That’s why, once you’re inside, the bar crew will give you your own cape and wand to be able to enjoy the magic that inhabits the place. Later, when you sit down at your table, You will be offered a recipe book so that you can choose two different cocktails. And now?

Far from serving you the cocktail and that’s it, as is usually done in bars, this time you can do it yourself. For it, The bar employees will give you the necessary equipment, with its respective magic box and, after preparation, they will give you the instructions so that you can drink your “magic potion”. A different experience and in which you let yourself be captivated by the magic that emanates from the environment.

Warner Bros studios.
Photo by Warner Bros. Studios (Viator)

Visit the Warner Bros. studios.

To end, one of the best proposals of your Harry Potter visit in London is to go to the Warner Bros studios. This attraction is one of the best valued by fans, since on this visit they can see the original film sets and other elements, such as the costumes of the actors, which makes the tour even more special. In addition, you can also get on the Hogwarts Express train, see the Great Hall, walk through Diagon Alley and even enter the fearsome Forbidden Forest. You can also relive one of the most memorable scenes from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2”, where the Gringotts dragon escapes. During your visit, it will be possible to see this scene live, and even relive it more than once.

The opening hours are 8:30 in the morning and the visit has an estimated duration of more than three hours, especially if you want to enjoy all the possibilities offered by the place. The ticket must be purchased in advance, since they cannot be purchased at the ticket offices of the entrance. So that, they can only be purchased from the official website. To get there, it can be done through the subway, getting off at Watford Junction station, also on the official Warner Bros. Studios bus, although only if you have the ticket and the last option is to hire a transport and ticket package.

Ready to live your Harry Potter experience in London?


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