Tourbillon with 1800 horsepower and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds.

Bugatti has done it again: just when it seemed that they had reached the pinnacle of their creations, they surpassed themselves again with the Tourbillon, a unique car in both performance and design, worthy of being labeled a work of art. .

Bugatti marked the before and after in the automotive world with the introduction of Veyron in 2005, the first tram capable of speeds exceeding 400 km/h. maximum speed. Later there will be a Chiron, a Centodieci, a La Voiture Noire (made in a single copy), a Divo or a Mistral, all of which will be produced in limited quantities and each time more performance-oriented and unique than the previous model.

Now Bugatti has overcome what seemed to be its asymptote and once again surprises the world with the creation the car is as beautiful as it is amazing in terms of performance We are talking about a creation that is undoubtedly already viewed with suspicion by the headquarters in Maranello, Sant’Agata and San Cesario sul Panaro.

Bugatti Heritage: from left to right, the EB110, Veyron, Chiron and Tourbillon.

The Tourbillon has a name that matches its presence, in fact I couldn’t describe it better because This name comes from the mechanism used in watchmaking to achieve maximum precision and accuracy. in mechanical models, a tiny compartment about the size of a dime that houses the hairspring, escapement wheel, armature and balance.

Tourbillon includes up to four motors in totalA Main V16 with 1000 hppower and reaches 9000 rpm and 900 Nm of torque, reaching a weight of only 252 kg (replacing the larger and heavier previous W16), in addition to three electric motorstwo of which are located on the front axle, and one at the rear. Power is supplied by a 25 kWh battery, which gives the tourbillon an additional 800 hp.

maximum speed 380 km/hachieving this in just 25 seconds from a standstill, however, if using the second speed key to activate aileron down, the maximum speed increases to 445 km/h.

Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac describes the development of the car: “The Tourbillon illustrates the combination of models developed over the brand’s 20-year history of hypercars and brings the coupe into the modern era, while also representing Bugatti’s 115-year heritage. story.

Hybridization does not add weight, but rather subtracts it compared to the Chiron, achieving travel up to 60 km in electric modeFigures such as charging time or the maximum speed it can travel in electric mode are not yet known.

The exterior allows you to admire the Bugatti design line, noting elements derived from Veyron and Chironwho came together to create perhaps one of the most beautiful and incredible cars in automotive history.

front grille with a smooth bottom and a semicircular arch at the top This is already a classic of the German brand, in addition, the central line of the hood next to the protruding wheel arches or air intakes next to the door frame arch They continue to be a traditional element that manages to look updated in every model.

They say that goodness is within, but in this case it is everywhere.

He the interior remains analog, in keeping with the model’s name, is a car of such fine workmanship that it borders on mechanical perfection. In the cockpit, located above the steering wheel, we see three large rings with indicators, which give the driver the feeling that he is at the controls of a real fighter. On the left, in turn, we find ourselves in front of three small rings, where we can see engine temperature, gasoline and battery charge. In the center, as it could not be otherwise, there is a speed that ranges from 0 to 550 km/h. Bugatti may not have revealed everything about the actual top speed of this model. And finally, the correct indicator, which shows the number of revolutions per minute.

However, not everything is analogous, since retractable touchscreen hidden in the dashboard, like early 2000s carsallows you to control various vehicle functions such as phone connectivity, music or navigation.

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