Tourette syndrome: singer Billie Eilish talks about her disease to fight against received ideas

If his tics are only driving and rather discreet, they still spoil the daily life of singer Billie Eilish. Reaching Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, the interpreter of “bad guy” discussed his illness during an appearance on the series netflix My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”.

Diagnosed at the age of 11, the singer-songwriter mentioned the reaction of people, most often inappropriate or indelicate.The most common way people react is to laugh because they think I’m trying to be funny“, she said. “And I’m still incredibly offended by that”.

The 20-year-old singer said other artists had told her they also had the Tourette, but said she wouldn’t give a name, “because they don’t want to talk about it”, proof of the taboo that remains about this neurological syndrome.

If the singer says she has only subtle tics, which are not noticed during a simple conversation, she indicates that her tics are very exhausting. Fortunately, Billie Eilish no longer has any tics once she goes on stage, as if her passion made her pathology disappear for a few hours.

According to the website of thebrain institute (ICM), Gilles de la Tourette syndrome affects approximately one in 2000 people in France (between 0.5 and 1% of the population) and more often boys than girls. While it resolves or improves spontaneously in adulthood in about 25% of patients, as appears to be the case for Billie Eilish, for the remaining 75% symptoms may be maintained or even worsened.

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