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Toyota has finally unveiled the super sports car GR GT3, designed for racing and with lines unpublished for the Japanese brand. The intriguing car has a cockpit positioned behind the line of the wheels, with a high front and a short, sloping tail. This GT car, which could make an appearance in international and local racing, will certainly have a road derivation, in order to comply with the regulations and thus widen the customer base.

The car will debut as a functional prototype by the end of the year 2022, according to Toyota Gazoo Racing president Koji Sato. The long bonnet and the front luminous signature, and in general the whole front of the car, do not recall vehicles currently on the Toyota and Lexus list, although there are small references to the fourth generation Toyota Supra, the Lexus LFA and the Toyota 2000GT. Nothing particularly visible, because it really is a completely new car. The Toyota group is currently putting the GT3 version of the Lexus RC F on the track, but at first glance this GR GT3 is a completely different animal. No technical specifications were offered, but should be announced shortly.

Toyota Gazoo Racing is therefore committed to further accelerating motor sports activities, dedicated to customers, by promoting the development of “driver first” cars and with the desire to provide attractive cars. As in the case of the GR Yaris, Toyota isn’t simply adapting production vehicles for use in motorsport, but also intends to use racing in the opposite direction, thinking of fast cars that are then able to transfer some of the driving emotions to everyday roads. In this sense we can also read the commitment made by Toyota to develop the combustion engine fueled by hydrogen, tested in Japanese endurance races also with the direct help of President Akio Toyoda.

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